We are selecting 2-5 students to be EmpowerAndHelp Global Awareness Ambassadors from every state. Chosen ambassadors become part of the selection committee for upcoming ambassadors. We are thankful to our ambassadors and participants for raising awareness for global issues that engulf mother earth and making EmpowerAndHelp Global Awareness Challenge a true success. Role of ambassador will motivate them to work with local organizations supporting the cause, and promote working on collaborative environments across the country enhancing leadership, speaking and social skills 


Please note the following requirements to apply for the Global Awareness Ambassador:

  1. The ambassadors must be registered to participate in the EmpowerAndHelp Global Awareness challenge and will be interviewed by the Selection Committee.
  2. The EmpowerandHelp global ambassadors are influencers of this platform, they all work together to create different forms of media raise awareness about the global challenge.
  3. An ambassador will work towards raising awareness about the global crisis they care about and unite with a local charity supporting the cause.
  4. An ambassador will actively work with other ambassadors across the country to raise awareness around global issues through global awareness challenge, talk with other students to register and participate, attend weekly meetings to contribute towards global awareness challenge and find sponsorships for the challenge.
  5. Ambassadors should be kind, respectful, empathetic, socially aware, dedicated and should exhibit qualities of a follower and leader. An ambassador should positively project their voice.
  6. The role of ambassadors stays active till the challenge. After the registration date (Dates and deadlines for challenge are subject to change in case of any unseen circumstances) they will be focussed on video submission for the challenge itself and we encourage them to keep working with a local chosen charity.

Are you ready to be an Global Awareness Ambassador ? Please fill out the form below and we will email you back with next step .