Global Challenge Ambassadors:


 Anika Bokkisam

I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador. Currently, I am actively involved in many extracurricular activities both inside and outside of school. I am a freshman at my local high school. As a member of my high school’s Cross Country and Indoor Track teams, I have competed in state regionals. At my high school, I am part of JROTC. Currently, I hold leadership positions in the class. I am actively involved in flag detail and raiders. At school, I am a member of the medical club. Moreover, outside of school activities, I am also involved in the arts and helping others. Being a piano player, I have performed and have received state level in Piano Guild. In addition, I am in my 7th year of doing Indian classical dance and have performed for many fundraisers towards charity. I have also volunteered at my local senior nursing home. This acquaintance with the senior citizens has helped me gain a different sense of respect for elders. The many experiences and skills I have acquired both inside and outside of school have helped me become a better person every day. As an ambassador, I strive to keep our world positive and fully reach and achieve my potential when helping the community and society around me. I want to influence and encourage people to be aware of worldwide issues and take action upon them.