Global Challenge Ambassadors:

New Jersey


Eesha Boddu I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador. Click here to read about my contribution as Global Challenge Ambassador. I attend 7th grade . I aspire to become an educator because of my love for teaching. I believe that education is an important aspect of every child’s life. As a student, I think that education should be more interactive and interesting to encourage children to think outside the box! I am a very dedicated person and always put my best effort into my work. I am known to be a creative, compassionate, optimistic, and fun-filled person! I am good at organizing, planning, and executing tasks not just independently, but within a group as well. I have a passion for performing arts, especially dance and singing! I currently learn Kuchipudi, a type of classical Indian dance and have performed for several fund-raising events. Some hobbies that I enjoy dearly are writing, playing the violin, and painting! Other than working as an EmpowerandHelp ambassador, I volunteer at a social skills club after-school where I help children with special needs. I will make use of these qualities and talents that I possess and contribute in my own way to make this world a better place! “Don’t doubt how far you can go,” I say, “look at what you have already done and keep going.”


Carolina Rodrigues

I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador. Please find details on my contribution as Global Challenge Ambassador here. I attend 7th grade. I aspire to pursue the medical field. In fact, I specifically want to become a Cardio-thoracic surgeon. Some of my passions consist of playing sports (specifically soccer and basketball), helping people, and being the best influence I can for my surrounding people. I am a very dedicated student and hanker to elucidate to this new generation the issues occurring worldwide. Not to mention, my distinct leadership; I am the captain of a soccer team and always strive to motivate my team to play at their full potential. In addition, I am also fluent in Portuguese and English meaning I am bilingual. Without saying anymore, I can characterize myself as a leader, an influencer, and a passionate student who has yet to come in the future

Vennela Gedipudi

I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador. I am a sophomore, and I am the vice president of the Girls Who Code Club, I am a part of Girl Scouts as well. I organized fundraising events as the director of The P.U.R.E. Youth Organization for kids’ education all around the world and raised funds for the Teen Leadership Program, I also am a part of The Enspire Academy and the JSA(Junior State of America) club which focuses on public speaking and debating. The experience that I have gained from being a part of all of these clubs and organizations really helped me realize how much I enjoy helping others and spreading awareness about real-life issues. For that reason I have recently joined the EmpowerandHelp as an ambassador, I wanted to take this opportunity to help spread awareness about global issues and shed light on the fact that we need to do everything in our power to create a spark that can possibly lead to the start of relieving these current world problems.

Anushka Elavia

I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador. I am a rising sophomore in high school, and I have a great passion for education, animals, and immersing myself in various cultures. I am part of SEWA, a volunteer organization primarily focused on raising funds for underprivileged children in Southeast Asia, Africa, and South America. In my school, I am involved in GirlUp which aims to empower women and the International Club. Recently, I joined a medical organization Inspire Medicine – created to publish, educate, and connect students to the vast field of medicine. Currently, I am co-founding Spread The Woof where we aspire to provide animals in shelters with basic necessities. Through my experiences, I have developed qualities of leadership, communication, and responsibility. Therefore, I am very excited to become an ambassador of EmpowerandHelp, and obtain the platform to inform our global community about significant issues. I believe my voice is my greatest strength and, in the future, I hope to influence others to use their education wisely and inspire those around them.

Khushi Gupta

I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador. I am a sophomore. I aspire to pursue my career in the medical field since medicine has always been my passion and in fact, I want to be a nurse anesthetist (CRNA). I am a dedicated, hardworking, adaptable, and a creative individual who is committed to carrying out tasks given to the best of my abilities. I am known to have sharp interpersonal skills, time management abilities, and a high skill in organization. I am also part of a Hindu non-profit organization called SEWA where I have been part of many fundraisers, I am a CIT volunteer at my local YMCA, and I am CPR certified. Some of my passions include my all-time favorite sport, tennis, painting, Bollywood dance, baking, and overall promoting compassion, creativity, leadership, and awareness. I have recently joined the EmpowerandHelp as an ambassador not only to help make a difference in the world but also because I am sincere to the values of Global Challenge with integrity and discipline and overall want to encourage everyone to be aware of the worldwide issues.

Shaan Singh

I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador.  My name is Shaan Singh. I am going to be in 8th grade this coming school year. I am an Empower and Help Ambassador. I joined the Empower and Help Global Challenge to make a difference in the world so I can tell others to help me spread the world and make a difference in the community. I want to help educate others who don’t know how to speak English to help them with their education. I feel education is the key to success, so you can learn and inspire others when you grow up. I like to play sports like Basketball, Baseball, and Football. I have been on a Basketball Team for My Township and I currently do Taekwondo and I am a Brown Belt. I always put a 110% effort into any work that I do. I am kind, dedicated, athletic, and I am hardworking. I will use these qualities to make this world a better environment for the future generation and I hope I inspired you to help others and be the positive change in the world!!!

Simran Singh

I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador. My name is Simran Singh and I am a 6th grader! I intend on becoming a doctor when I grow up.  I am thrilled about being part of this ambassador program because of my devotion to helping others create their path to success. Some of my passions include spending time with friends and family, helping others, basketball, soccer, baking, music, taking part in charities and fundraisers, and learning and improving. I am organized, kind, and am really good at making learning new things enjoyable. I have teaching experience since I help my sister learn and grow. I am exceptionally good at working with people since I enjoy socializing and working toward a common goal. I love helping and want to be the reason kids enjoy life and grow.

Riya Prakash

I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador. I am a rising sophomore and am looking to pursue a career in the field of science. My experience with my school’s Science League and robotics team has helped me develop a sense of leadership, responsibility, dedication, and individuality which I bring towards all my work. I have a passion for Kuchipudi dance, which I have been learning for 10 years, and have performed for many organizations and fundraising events. Besides dancing, I enjoy expressing myself through a variety of creative outlets including baking, cooking, and writing. I have volunteered at Casa Freehold, an organization that helps refugees in my community, and I am currently volunteering at an animal rescue center. My experiences with both of these organizations have advanced my affinity for helping others and sharing my compassion as well as spreading positivism. Recently, I became a writer for The Good Planet, a student-run organization that advocates for several global environmental issues, and through that experience, I have realized my interest in spreading awareness of the many eminent causes that afflict our world. I hope to use my role as a Global Challenge Ambassador to educate and influence others to take a stand and make an impact.

Sara Phondge

I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador. I am a rising senior at High School and I am passionate about animals, the performing arts, and community services. I am a youth ambassador at the Akshaya Patra US, NJ chapter. Akshaya Patra is the world’s largest NGO school meal program that provides nutritious school lunches to over 1.8 million children in India every day. I volunteer at galas and cultural events to help spread awareness and raise funds for the program. I also take part in community and volunteering events by performing Kathak, an Indian classical dance, and Hindustani classical singing. I have also volunteered in the ED at CentraState. Here, I was able to provide assistance for the patients and gain experience in the hospital. I always look for opportunities where I can use my strength and talent towards helping the needy and make a difference. Through these experiences I have gained confidence as a receptive leader and hope to voice out the different issues impacting our world. I believe giving is the most fulfilling way to help the impoverished and underprivileged.

Divya Raheja

I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador. I am a rising freshman and I aspire to pursue my career in the field of law. In fact, I want to become a lawyer. Some of my passions consist of playing soccer, writing and fashion. As I mentioned before, I love playing soccer. Regardless of which sport, a team is always necessary. I believe that every team member has their own strengths and I am dedicated to help them find it. I am a hardworking student who wants to inspire other students to work hard and achieve their dreams. Given these characteristics, I would like to assist others and our community by joining EmpowerandHelp.

Gayatri Raheja

I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador. I am a rising sophomore and I aspire to pursue my career in the medical field. In fact, I want to be a cardiac surgeon. Some of my passions consist of playing the piano, calligraphy, making homemade bracelets, and drawing/painting. I am a very creative student who would like to utilize my art to influence others. Along with art, I enjoy playing sports like basketball and track. I am a dedicated person who has helped my teammates win meets and even ran in varsity meets as a freshman. Given these characteristics, I would like to assist others and our community by joining EmpowerandHelp. Like Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Success is to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived”. I hope to accomplish success by assisting innumerable people in the near future