According to researchers, out of 7.7 billion world population in 2019, the Internet has over 4 billion users and over 3 billion social media active users. An average user spends over 100 minutes on social media per day. Over 90 percent of organizations or brands use 2 or more social media channels. In today’s world social media is a way of living one’s life and it offers a great opportunity for businesses or nonprofits to drive targeted traffic to their website. It boosts business or drives donations to a non-profit . It is a medium of choice to create a lasting relationship with the audience. It even boosts a website’s SEO, increases business or organization reach and helps to understand the audience.

Social media campaigns, whether they are for business or solicitation of donations for a non-profit, is more than just creating posts or tweets. Today it is about meeting your goals and reaching your targets. Your work, your goal, your mission are very important and you can use social media to surpass competitors and increase your market share. Let’s take social media seriously and make the most of our efforts.

We can provide you with guidance on how to achieve the greatest results with the least effort. And you can pay us in full when you see the results.

Our Experience

Our hashtags have reached billions in total through various social media campaigns. We have helped non-profits secure donations within 24 hours from all over the world. We have 5 plus years of experience offering social media services to businesses and non-profits. Our dedication has helped various causes, companies, projects, and campaigns all over the world and we are proud to help every organization looking to thrive or make an impact.

When we get paid?

Initial consultation

We have an approach where you pay us in full after you see impact made :

Pay a minimal fee $24.99 to schedule the initial consultation so we only have serious callers. Pay remaining $14.99 after 14 days of initial consultation so you can see your results. Get your social media working for you right now. Schedule an initial call with our social media expert now. Email us at to schedule your call or fill out the form below..

Initial Charge


This 45 minute phone call or video call will include:

Discussion points:

1. Your message and goal.

2. Various free and paid resources to be used for social media for design, analysis, tracking, posting, and scheduling.

3. Facebook groups to join that can help with social media.

4. Instagram hashtags and Twitter hashtags.

5. Creating and sharing links with engaging content using blog articles, videos,Gifs,pictures.

6. How to run Facebook and Instagram ads.

7. Engaging customers with responses and comments.

Strategy and Resources:

1. Posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will provide you a sample calendar for your postings to follow – a simple format for tracking your posts.

2. Conducting twitter storms with easy, elaborate and detailed steps. We will share with you a sample tweetsheet.

3. Using mailing list for social media without overwhelming your subscribers.

4. Increasing Likes, Followers, comments, responses with weekly goals on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Subsequent consultations

If you like our work we schedule ongoing consultations for $19.99 for 30 minute per week or $35.99 for hour a week.

Discounts available if you like to purchase weekly or monthly package for more consultations.