My Chapstick Holder


Handmade My Chapstick Holder

Summary: We will mail you Handmade My Chapstick Holder made out of rags to keep the process environment friendly. Once you place your order we will contact you for the self-care message you would like on My Chapstick Holder . Please do check your junk or spam folder so email is not lost. Please make sure message contains max 12 letters including space.

Product Details:
1 Handmade Chap-stick Holder

Please note chapstick holder might look different depending on what rag or recycled cloth is available to us.

Price and Shipping: $5.99 – once payment is made , we will mail Handmade Chap-stick Holder . Free shipping.

Please enjoy My chapstick holder with your heart and soul – My chapstick holder can be carried anywhere easily.  You wont have to go crazy looking for your chapstick in pile of things because it is happily living cozy lifestyle. As you take your chapstick holder out to apply chapstick, you will be satisfied and positively lifted . Your self-care message will send you positive vibes even when you place the chapstick back in chapstick holder. Your chapstick holder will give company to you and many future chapsticks. My chapstick holder might look entirely different depending on what cloth we have available. It will have its imperfections, we all have imperfections that we should learn to embrace and that what makes us unique and beautiful.

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