My Self-Care Rock


Hand painted My Self-Care Rock

Summary: We will mail you Hand painted My Self-Care Rock. Once you place your order we will contact you for the self-care message you would like on My Self-Care Rock . Please do check your junk or spam folder so email is not lost. Please make sure message contains max 12 letters including space.

Product Details:
1 Hand painted My self-care rock

Please note My self-care rock might look different from pictures depending on what rock is available to us.

Price and Shipping: $5.99 – once payment is made , we will mail Handmade painted My Self-Care Rock. Free shipping.

My Self-Care rock has been picked especially for you with a positive message that you sent us to be hand painted for you. You are proud owner of your one and only my Self-care rock. Please understand no Two rocks are alike. Each My Self-Care rock comes with its own set of  uniqueness. My self-care rock represents different personalities with different message. These messages are for you and just for you. Keep my self-care rock in a place where you can see it, read it, admire it and give company everyday. Give My Self-Care rock the same love and admiration as you wish to receive from My Self-Care rock. Place My Self-Care rock near your workplace, in your office, at your home, near your plants, in your washroom….anywhere and everywhere.

My Self-Care rock have been brought to you with love and care. They are now part of you. Love and Cherish My Self-Care Rock for lifetime.