📝✏️Teen Ventures: Article Submission Deadline: Nov 22nd📝✏️

The Teen Ventures team invites students to submit an article for Teen Ventures – Issue II. 

Teen Ventures is a non-profit magazine by teens, for teens. The magazine is published as a paperback and digital download. Please download the FREE digital copy to view our first issue: https://empowerandhelp.com/shop/teen-ventures-magazine-digital-version/

We would like you to become a contributor to the pages of our Teen Ventures magazine. Your insights and perspectives matter to us.  We understand that every teenager has a unique passion and voice, and we want to provide you with a platform to share your personal stories and opinions on topics that ignite your passion.

Teen Ventures is a platform that embodies the values of selflessness, creativity, teamwork, dedication, and inclusivity. It’s a place where your ideas and expressions are welcomed without judgment, offering an environment where your creativity can flourish.

By having your article published in Teen Ventures, you not only contribute to a magazine that reflects your passions and interests but also have the chance to showcase your writing talent and build your portfolio. Your words can inspire, inform, and entertain fellow teenagers, fostering a sense of community and understanding among our readers.

Article Submission Details  –

Scan the QR code from the flyer below and fill out the interest form. The Teen Ventures team will contact you with the next steps as they receive the interest form.



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