Empower And Help Ambassador Program 2022 Details


A Virtual Global Ambassador Program

 U.S Teens + Mentorship + Compassion + Leadership = A Life Changing Summer

The ambassador program is a fun, educational, life-changing and amazing experience building program.  We believe that change is possible and this program trains our youth who are ready to commit and passionate about bringing a global change, developing skills needed to lead. 

What to expect as an ambassador ? – Has an empathetic, kind, positive and can do attitude.  Is ready to work both independently as well as in a team setting both being a leader and follower as needed.  Has a deep desire to raise their voices about global issues. Read about Ambassador Contributions/Portfolios at – https://empowerandhelp.com/meet-our-ambassadors/

To get more information if interested for your child please email contactus@empowerandhelp.com.

Fees: $59.99

High School Students who attend grades within the US School System are eligible to participate.

Duration: July 11th – August 5th


How the program helps train/guide the ambassadors?

Through the Ambassador Program, our children learn leadership skills and build emotional intelligence through online workshops and real-life experiences.  A person with high EQ (Emotional Intelligence) can control their own emotions and learn to communicate with others more healthily. Building a high EQ mindset is everything. One needs to believe that they are capable of achieving their goals and helping others. Our goal for our ambassadors is to help them understand how powerful their thoughts are, and with the right mindset, they can change this world.

Through participation in our workshops, they strengthen soft skills by emulating real-world scenarios.  They cultivate a positive mindset, empathy, communication, and mindfulness to create lasting relationships and impactful projects that will change the world. The program emphasizes collaborative work and hones in on creativity and provides a safe space for free thoughts.

To get more information if interested for your child please email contactus@empowerandhelp.com.