This summer, students joined Empower And Help’s Ambassador Program. As a part of this program, student ambassadors ran fundraisers and community drives for local organizations, including Empower And Help. Student Ambassadors created posts for Empower And Help’s social media channels, designed newsletters, contributed to blogs through articles raising awareness on various global issues. They also got the opportunity to mentor students locally and globally. Ambassadors also got the chance to explore new software tools while making a positive impact. Empower And Help also offered multiple workshops focused on mindfulness, leadership, and communication. Students got a chance to work in a collaborative environment and build soft skills. The Ambassador Program’s goal is to help students step out of their comfort zone for global change under the guidance and supervision of adult mentors. The projects the students work on also allow them to gain and log volunteer hours. Furthermore, they receive certificates of completion if assigned tasks are completed towards the end of the program. We look forward to the Ambassador Program 2022.

Below, you will find a link to Ambassador Portfolios, describing contributions made by them in their own words. The portfolio also links to the Creative Writing stories that Ambassadors worked on during the summer as part of the Creative Writing Class under the guidance of Ms. Elke and/or also to blog articles – newsletters written under the guidance of Empower And Help Mentors.

Empower And Help Golden Ambassador Program Award Winner: Veeksha Patlolla

Ananya Bandaru

Aashi Potdar

Abhineet Wadhwa

Adithya Burisetty

Aditi Gupta

Anjana Krishnan

Anshi Marri

Arjun Bandyopadhyay

Bhavyaa Pahlajani

Chaitanya Chathey

Harika Petchetti

Ishaan Verma

Lehar Mishra

Megha Reddy

Rahil Patel

Sahasra Nandela

Saisha Amrutham

Samay Bhinge

Shaan Singh

Shreyas Nalam

Simran Singh

Srideekshitha Sureshkumar

Vanshika Chinta

Veeksha Patlolla

Yash Ghayal