Our goal with Empower And Help’s Ambassador Program 2022 was to provide customized coaching so that the youths have the flexibility to build their leadership skills, step out of their comfort zone and yet grow at their own pace.  This created a safe space for ambassadors to open up, discuss the areas that were most challenging for them and come up with action items for growth in that area.

Ambassadors successfully completed fundraiser projects for which they also earned volunteer hours, contributed to the Empower And Help blog, and attended empowerment workshops on nutrition and the power of beliefs.  At the end of the program, they were stretched beyond their comfort zone, learned about community, communication, and collaboration, and built powerful self-esteem.

Below, you will find a link to Ambassador Portfolios, describing contributions made by them in their own words.

Ananya Bandaru 

Divya Raheja :

Gayatri Raheja :

Veeksha Patlolla