1. Build volunteer hours in real-time for the selfless effort put in through the ambassador program.
  2. Build Time management and project management skills in real-time.
  3. Build leadership and relationship management skills.
  4. The part that our ambassadors love is an opportunity to build a portfolio on the Empower And Help website that stays forever until we exist. This portfolio grows as you engage more and is an excellent way for referrals.
  5. Gain real-life experiences, and enhance soft skills that will help you throughout your academic, professional, and personal life.
  6. All ambassadors will receive a certificate of completion once they complete their set tasks.
  7. Enrich writing, communication, and people skills.
  8. Weekly meetings to share your ideas, track your success, and overcome obstacles.
  9. 24 hours email access. Each student gets an organizational email sponsored by google workspace.
  10. Additional meetings and guidance as required for the project.