Sal, Let’s Help

Awaken the joy of helping in your little ones; inspire them to take responsibility with Sal!

Aditi and Priti advocate for value based learning, emotional awareness and social responsibility. “Sal Let’s Help”, a book promoting values and healthy communication between parents and their kids, also successfully funded by kickstarter campaign.

Sal,Let’s Help teaches kids importance of helping both at home and the community. Sal is a lovable bear cub who over time starts to realize and learn that helping his mom around the house and doing chores can be fun and rewarding. It is a simple story and message that resonates well with children through vibrant colors, clear illustrations and simple rhyming words.

Several copies of the books have been donated to various non-profits such as Books for America, Books for Africa and others. Copies have also been sent to Philippines and Caribbean Islands to be part of small libraries. Several copies were also mailed to Refugee camps around Lebanon. Aditi and Priti also went to local schools and libraries to read their book to the children and spread the joy of helping