Students who attend grades 6-12 within US school system are eligible . Registration is closed for Year 2020.


Global Challenge Ambassador – Neha Sambangi

I decided to take up the role as a EmpowerandHelp Global Ambassador in July 2020. During these 2 months, being an ambassador has taught me to become organized, planned, creative, work with others, and many more. To start this journey, I decided I wanted to spread awareness about the problems coral life is facing, so I wrote an article; “Saving Coral Life” which was published on the EmpowerandHelp website on August 1st. My article consisted of the top 3 problems coral life is facing and the actions humans can take to save the coral from dying.

To follow, I participated in the Cards of Hope project and created 15 cards myself. This was an amazing project for which I was able to express my gratitude for all the hard working doctors and frontline workers. This project was nominated for the PBS News Segment and I was a part of creating the video. This was a fun project that involved teamwork. I was a part of the EmpowerandHelp Remote Mentorship Program and taught coding to a student 1:1. I enjoyed my time with my student and we figured out a lot of challenging problems and lessons in coding together.

Next, I worked on the EmpowerandHelp Monthly Newsletter for August which went out to many people. This is a project where we worked as a team to produce a newsletter where everyone can read about all the great things happening in the EmpowerandHelp program. In the newsletter team, my role was to help out with all the visual pictures to match with the writing.Finally, my biggest project from EmpowerandHelp was the community drive for Long Beach Rescue Mission. I ran the community drive to collect canned goods and non-perishable items to help feed people. This community drive required intense planning, organizing, communicating, and time management. I loved this project and it made me feel good and special knowing I am helping a lot of people get food. At the end of this drive, I collected 500+ items. I was able to publish an article about my experience during the community drive to encourage others. EmpowerandHelp was one of the best experiences I had this summer and during the lockdown. I was able to help my community and a lot of people around me! I will never forget this experience and I will take all the skills I learned from this program and use it in my life forever.  

Link to publications by Neha can be found at –

Saving Coral Life

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