Aditi Verma


Aditi Verma




Apr 06 2020 - Apr 10 2020


Time is in EST
2:00 pm - 2:55 pm



Build Resilience – April (6th – 10th ), Ages (9-12)

Resilience is important life skill for children as it can help them learn coping skills to handle the ups and downs of growing up without getting down on themselves or giving up on themselves. It also helps them develop problem solving mindset and allows them to tackle their challenges despite having setbacks.

During this 5 week program participants will learn:

  1. Overcoming Mistakes – How to Learn from Mistakes and Let them Go
  2. Managing Fear – How to Create Courage and Bust Outside of Your Comfort Zone
  3. Moving Past Failure – How to “Put it in a Box” and Keep on Goin’
  4. Managing Change – How to Embrace Change and Thrive
  5. Conditional thinking – How “if…then” Keeps You from Happiness

Daily Itinerary

The class is online and is 55 minutes long. Class format below:

1) Start with introductions in first class.  All other classes we start with review of previous class and their sharing experiences. (~5 minutes)

2) Introduce a concept with story and discussion. (~40 minutes)

3) Q&A and how to practice what we learned throughout the week.  (~10 minutes)


$108 for 5 classes or $25/class.  Each class is an 55 min long.