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Aditi Verma


West Cary, NC – 27519

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Nov 14 2019 - Nov 21 2019


8:00 pm - 9:00 pm



Emotional Self-Awareness

These lessons are catered to make a person more conscious about his or her own feelings. It also provides different exercises that help folks take necessary actions to act appropriately. We strongly believe that a person with high EQ (Emotional Intelligence) will be the leader of tomorrow as they can not only control their own emotions, but understand them, communicate them and will be able to perceive not only theirs but others to execute and manage their lives in a healthier way to communicate and understand their family, friends and peers.

To help families improve their child’s outlook for themselves we offer online class that Build Self-Esteem and Self-Confidence:

During this 3 week program participants will learn:

  1. Techniques to help them eliminate stress and introduce healthy living
  2. Recognize difference between sensation, feelings and emotions and be more aware of how they experience these in their body.
  3. Identify their emotions, realize that it is ok to experience such emotions, use tools to self-soothe and work through some of these emotions

Daily Itinerary:

The class is online and is 60 minutes long. Class format below:

  1. Start with introductions in first class.  All other classes we start with review of previous class and their sharing experiences. (~10 minutes)
  2. Introduce a concept with story and discussion. (~40 minutes)
  3. Q&A and how to practice what we learned throughout the week.  (~10 minutes)

What you need:

Children will need a laptop or desktop with mic and speakers so they can hear others and talk online. It should also have zoom video conferencing downloaded.

Email Updates
Email summary and follow up activity details send to parents after every class.