Aditi Verma


Aditi Verma




Nov 05 2019 - Dec 03 2019


Times in EST, Every Tuesday
6:30 pm - 7:30 pm



Build Mindset For Success – Online Class Nov/Dec

Your child’s mindset is the secret behind their self-esteem, resilience, happiness and what he or she achieve in their lives. Children feel powerful when they understand how their thoughts create their experiences and what they can do to shape their thoughts.

During this 5 week program participants will learn:

  1. How your mind shapes your world and what you can do to shape your mind
  2. Power of possibility – why you achieve what you believe (The good and the bad)
  3. Building neural pathways – how to create your path to success
  4. The secret radar in your brain – how to use your RAS to achieve your goals.
  5. Power shifting – how to choose your power even when things don’t go your way.


Daily Itinerary

The class is online and is 60 minutes long. Class format below:

1) Start with introductions in first class.  All other classes we start with review of previous class and their sharing experiences. (~10 minutes)

2) Introduce a concept with story and discussion. (~40 minutes)

3) Q&A and how to practice what we learned throughout the week.  (~10 minutes)

$125 for 5 hour class or $30/class.  Each class is an hour long.

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