Mar 12 2020 - Jun 04 2020


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Parenting Journey – Evening Session

Parent Journey is a 12 week, 1.5 hour long, small group sessions to help mothers, fathers and caregivers increase their confidence, capability and resiliency – as individuals and as parents.  We expand our mindset as parents so we can raise our children with connection and love instead of control and manipulation. In these sessions via information and live experiences, we will understand more about who we are, where our reactions come from, how can we relate with our children and understand their behavior. Maya Angelou said, “When we know better, we do better.”  The more we learn to be a better parent, the more we help our children to be a better person.

In these 12, 90 minutes long sessions we will:
1. Discover your reactive pattern as a parent.  What ticks you off?  How can you overcome that?
2. Understand what is rhythmic discipline and how to instill in your everyday lives.
3. Understand 4 main fundamentals of a healthy self and how this affects your style of parenting.
4. Which areas of your life needs healing and ways to heal yourself.
5. Understand the development cycle of a child divided in 7 years chunk.  Go back to your own childhood to understand how that shaped you as a person and as a parent.
6. Find the treasure of your childhood that serves you and discard the things that don’t.  This is the key to healing and personal growth.
7. Tools and techniques to bridge the gap to develop self love, self confidence and worth.
8. The family code
9. Understand your child’s style of behavior, your style of parenting.
10. The power of your thoughts and learn to choose the ones that serve you the most.
11. Transform your old patterns and fears and get better results.
12. Closure
Offering Discounted Pricing for $360 instead $540
March 12 – June 4th (Every Thursday), 7:30pm to 9pm,
Duration – 12 weeks

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