The live classes are held with a certified teacher at Cary, NC. We also offer online classes that are held online with a live teacher on the other side. We also provide one-on-one classes for kids, please see Life coaching for kids at ( FAQ 10 ).

We use Adventure Wisdom for Kids program. Our teacher is a certified Wisdom coach. Some of our curriculum is developed in house in partnership with the experts in the field of emotional awareness, child psychology and positive mindset. Click here for our workshops.

You will receive an email with instructions and a link to login to the classes. We also do a test login before the actually classes start to iron out any issues beforehand

We accept payments via PayPal. We also accept cash or check. Check has to be mailed to or dropped off at EmpowerAndHelp, P.O. Box 354, Morrisville, NC – 27560

Empower and Help is a program that builds a foundation where we make it a family affair, empower ourselves, learn to help others and succeed as individuals. We use Adventure Wisdom for Kids program. Our teacher is a certified Wisdom coach. The program will also have guest speakers that are considered experts in their field that are ready to share experiences and offer guidance to the children and parents. It’s an engaging format of learning, conversations and real life experience. No other program currently offers this level of engagement.

The group classes and workshops are for children ages 7 to 16. We offer summer camp for kids ages 7 to 12 as well as special camps for teen girls. We also have classes for adults. Additionally we offer one-on-one life coaching for kids. For parents and teens, we also have referrals to expert parent coaches that we work with. You can always request a workshop for your group. Alternatively view our upcoming workshops here.

As with any course, you have to put into practice what you learn. We provide the tools and plans necessary to help build confidence that students need to practice these on their own. Please see the testimonials for the success we have had. However, every child is different and some may need one-on-one coaching life coaching. See Life coaching for kids.

People often confuse “life coaching for kids” and parenting. Life coaching goes beyond the traditional parenting roles of moral and character development, and it goes beyond learning how to treat others and learning how to behave.

In fact, what kids learn in our program, most adults haven’t learned!

When a parent seeks help with their child it doesn’t mean that they are an “ineffective parent”.
Just as some children require more support for a learning disability or other developmental issues, many children also need greater support in the areas of coping skills, building self-esteem, overcoming shyness, dealing with bullies, and so much more.

Life coaching for kids is about mindset development – it targets the root of the thought patterns that hold kids back. Coaching empowers kids with a specific set of skills (and wisdom) that they can use throughout their childhood, teen years, and for the rest of their lives.

Life coaching for kids is all about empowering kids through mindset development. Kids learn how to use the power of their mind thoughts to create happiness, confidence, and success in their lives, so that they can take their life, goals, and dreams wherever they want to go.
1. Coaching helps kids develop resilience skills. A life coach helps children learn how to manage life’s “curveballs” — whether it’s facing a big change or dealing with a major disappointment. Kids learn how to bounce back and pick themselves up so they can “go for it” in life.
2. Coaching helps kids develop self-esteem from the “inside out”. This helps kids learn how to base their self-esteem on who they are, not on what they have achieved, who they know, or what they do.
3. Coaching helps kids learn to believe in themselves and build self-confidence. A life coach helps kids learn how to move through anxiety and fear so they can stretch outside of their comfort zone, create courage, and go for their dreams with confidence.
4. Coaching helps kids develop their own “inner compass”. A life coach helps kids learn how to think for themselves and make good decisions, so they can stand up to peer pressure and be their own person.
5. Coaching helps kids learn to live life with intention versus drifting through life without direction. By learning self-leadership skills, kids develop an empowered way of thinking that will help them develop a vision for their lives.

There are a variety of reasons why parents hire a life coach to work with their children. Some of the most common reasons are:

  • When they see their kids struggling with low self-esteem—getting down on themselves, beating themselves up, or thinking that no one likes them.
  • When they want to help their child be more successful in school or extracurricular activities.
  • When their child is going through a big change, such as a move, a new school, or divorcing parents.
  • When they see their kids enable to handle big emotions and struggling with confidence, shyness, or anxiety— shying away from new things or new experiences.
  • When they want to give their child a jumpstart in developing self-leadership skills.
  • When they see their child making poor choices with peers.
  • When there are constant struggles at home around homework, chores, and other responsibilities.

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Coaching kids is definitely different from coaching adults. The main distinction is the brain development.
Adults have much stronger critical thinking skills because the frontal lobes of their brains, where critical thinking occurs, are fully developed. These critical thinking skills enable them to make distinctions and to draw conclusions more effectively. Adults also have greater life experience from which to draw upon. That is why life coaches for adults use questions as their main tool for engaging with their clients. Children’s brains are different. Their frontal lobes are not fully developed nor are their critical reasoning skills. As a result, coaching kids requires a stronger teaching component to help them learn these powerful mindset skills. With a coach’s guidance, kids can then learn how to apply the skills to their own lives. And of course, children’s attention span tends to be a lot shorter as well — which is why it is important to find fun and engaging ways to work with kids. And that is why stories are such a powerful tool for coaching kids!

Stories are powerful! Stories have been used since the beginning of time, in every country and every culture, to pass along traditions and to teach morals. Stories are powerful learning tools because they make us think…and they make us feel. They imprint a picture in our mind and a feeling in our heart. This creates an experience and helps us understand.
Stories have the power to transform, inspire, and to shape how we feel about ourselves and what is possible for our lives. They give us another perspective, and a door into deeper understanding. And they are a powerful way to connect with children! They are great way to build empathy within children.
Stories stimulate multiple centers of the brain — which leads to deeper learning. When reading or hearing facts, only the center of the brain that turns words into meaning is engaged. However, when reading or hearing a story, not only are the intellectual centers of the brain engaged, but the emotional and physiological centers of the brain are engaged as well. This creates an experience, which leads to deeper learning.
Stories are a great tool for starting important conversations with kids. Stories help children get in touch with thoughts and feelings without putting them on the spot or embarrassing them. Stories enable children to “learn without lecture” and allow coaches to “teach without preaching.” Through the stories, children get to see the skills in action. That opens the door for them to apply the skills to their own situations, under a coach’s guidance.
Stories are a wonderful refresher tool when kids are learning a new skill.
And, of course… stories are FUN!

  1. To communicate better and have the courage to speak without lies
  2. To learn handling ups and downs of growing up
  3. To learn to understand our feelings and feelings of people around us
  4. To learn to not give up on ourselves
  5. To boost Right Brain Thinking
  6. To express our emotions positively and effectively
  7. To nurture our growth and discover our strengths and limitations
  8. To stay focussed and promote creativity
  9. To promote healthy lifestyle
  10. To promote Leadership qualities which are impactful and helpful

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  1. To be able to live a Happy and Honest lifestyle
  2. To be able to differentiate importance of not lying
  3. To be able to differentiate right conduct from wrong
  4. To be able to live a life with human values such as Truth, Right Conduct, Love, Peace , Respect
  5. To be able to promote Humanity
  6. To be able to succeed in personal, professional and social life
  7. To be able to carry your lifestyle with integrity and Decency

Withdrawals for any reason more than 10 days before the start of the camp or workshop, parents will receive a refund minus $25 per week/child.  There is a $25 fee for all NSF checks.  50% refund till if only 7 days before the camp or workshop.  No refund after that.  Missed classes will not be credited or carried over to the next session.