February Newsletter 2021

What are your first thoughts when you think of valentine’s? How do you prefer to show your love or receive love?In our February newsletter we highlight:
1. Avni Bannuru – 1st year student at UNC Chapel Hill and her contributions to the community
2. Ways to express your love this valentine
3. Family conversation starter
4. Global Challenge and Ambassador Program 2021 open for Registration



P.S. – Do send us how you would make someone smile to be highlighted in the March newsletter!


6 thoughts on “February Newsletter 2021

  1. When I think of Valentine’s Day, I think spending time with my significant other and making them feel special. I prefer to give my significant other treats, flowers, and other gifts. I do not really expect anything in return other than love from them.

  2. Wow, this is amazing, Sruti, Nithya, and Srideekshita! Everyone used creative strategies to make this February Newsletter intriguing and fun to look through. Reading about Avni Bannuru was inspiring and encouraged me to volunteer and help out the community even more. It was a delightful addition to the Newsletter. I also enjoyed looking at the conversation starters you suggested. I thought the questions were helpful because they would bring families together. The tips you gave for celebrating Valentine’s Day were amazing and realistic to do in the present time. I liked the colors, images, and fonts you used to make this February Newsletter look outstanding! Overall, great work!

  3. I like the idea of doing the youth spotlight and think it’s a great idea to showcase youth talents in the area. I feel it’s important to show how teens our age are helping make a change in the environment wherever they are and this can also help them in the future as well

  4. I love this newsletter! Avni’s story is so inspiring, especially when she felt gratitude after donating to Make-A-Wish. I also really like the design and format.

  5. The article is good, I would work on the format a bit. Personally, I would open with her achievements and her Non-profit idea just to really grab the reader and then talk about who she is etc. I like the little fun facts and the conversation starters at the end. Overall, the newsletter is great expose.

  6. Wow! The newsletter looks amazing and I love the conversation starters, they really made me wonder about things I have never thought about. I love the overall layout and the history behind the 4BetterTomorrow Foundation. It is really great!

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