Behind every great athlete is a masterful coach that inspires the athlete to evolve into the strongest performer they can become. ~Cathy Engelbert

A Life or Wisdom Coach is the same thing; however, instead of focusing on athletic ability we focus on developing skills, confidence and ability to thrive in “Life”. Some of the common reasons parents hire life coaches are:

When their kids are struggling with low self-esteem – getting down on themselves or thinking no one will like them.When their child is going through a big change, such as a move, a new school, or divorcing parents.
When they want to help their child be more successful in school or extracurricular activities.When they see their kids struggling with confidence, shyness or anxiety.
When they want to give their child a jumpstart in developing self-leadership skills.When they see their child making poor choices with their peers.

We collaborate with you to help you become clear on your child’s goals, map a plan for achieving them. Here is a complimentary list of all lessons grouped by growth topics for your reference.


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