Global Challenge Ambassadors:

North Carolina


Sahasra Nandela

I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador.  Click here to read about my contribution as Global Challenge Ambassador. I attend 7th grade. I decided to join the EmpowerandHelp program to help my community. I believe change and contribution to the community are very important and through this program, I aspire to spread awareness about important issues. Some of my passions include playing tennis, running, and playing the piano. I also write for my school Newspaper and am a Student Ambassador who helps new students at my school. I am also a part of my school’s Community Service Club. I also love to dance. One of my favorite activities to do is code and learn advanced mathematics. One of my favorite quotes is “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.” by M.K Gandhi. I believe everyone can make change and help out the community if they just aspire and try to

Akshaj Sinha


I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador. I will be going to 9th grade after this summer. I joined Empower Help to help the community because I always believed helping people means telling them that there is someone who do care for them and having respect for their needs without any selfishness. I think if people contribute to society even the slightest there can be a very positive impact. Little by little we can improve so many things around us and I feel with this program I got this opportunity. I like to do outdoor sports, riding my bike and I like coding. I have been a part of the community service club at my school.

Anjana Krishnan


I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador. I am a rising ninth grader. I joined empower and help because I wanted to make a difference and help people in whatever way I can. I have always enjoyed helping other people, I was in the student council and I helped organize a school-wide toy drive and all of the donations went to Trosa. I was also a part of the reading buddies program at my school where I helped younger children read. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of empower and help ambassador program because it lets me make a difference in the world.