Students who attend grades 6-12 within US school system are eligible . Register now for Global Challenge and you will have whole summer to submit your video. 


Global Challenge Ambassadors:

New Jersey


Eesha Boddu I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador. Click here to read about my contribution as Global Challenge Ambassador. I attend 7th grade . I aspire to become an educator because of my love for teaching. I believe that education is an important aspect of every child’s life. As a student, I think that education should be more interactive and interesting to encourage children to think outside the box! I am a very dedicated person and always put my best effort into my work. I am known to be a creative, compassionate, optimistic, and fun-filled person! I am good at organizing, planning, and executing tasks not just independently, but within a group as well. I have a passion for performing arts, especially dance and singing! I currently learn Kuchipudi, a type of classical Indian dance and have performed for several fund-raising events. Some hobbies that I enjoy dearly are writing, playing the violin, and painting! Other than working as an EmpowerandHelp ambassador, I volunteer at a social skills club after-school where I help children with special needs. I will make use of these qualities and talents that I possess and contribute in my own way to make this world a better place! “Don’t doubt how far you can go,” I say, “look at what you have already done and keep going.”


Carolina Rodrigues

I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador. Please find details on my contribution as Global Challenge Ambassador here. I attend 7th grade. I aspire to pursue the medical field. In fact, I specifically want to become a Cardio-thoracic surgeon. Some of my passions consist of playing sports (specifically soccer and basketball), helping people, and being the best influence I can for my surrounding people. I am a very dedicated student and hanker to elucidate to this new generation the issues occurring worldwide. Not to mention, my distinct leadership; I am the captain of a soccer team and always strive to motivate my team to play at their full potential. In addition, I am also fluent in Portuguese and English meaning I am bilingual. Without saying anymore, I can characterize myself as a leader, an influencer, and a passionate student who has yet to come in the future

Vennela Gedipudi

I am an EmpowerandHelp ambassador. I am a sophomore, and I am the vice president of the Girls Who Code Club, I am a part of Girl Scouts as well. I organized fundraising events as the director of The P.U.R.E. Youth Organization for kids’ education all around the world and raised funds for the Teen Leadership Program, I also am a part of The Enspire Academy and the JSA(Junior State of America) club which focuses on public speaking and debating. The experience that I have gained from being a part of all of these clubs and organizations really helped me realize how much I enjoy helping others and spreading awareness about real-life issues. For that reason I have recently joined the EmpowerandHelp as an ambassador, I wanted to take this opportunity to help spread awareness about global issues and shed light on the fact that we need to do everything in our power to create a spark that can possibly lead to the start of relieving these current world problems.