Happy Spring and Earth Day!


Hope you all are enjoying the spring.  Flowers are blooming.  As the weather gets warmer and more plants to bloom do you feel happier?  Why?  Read how the biofields of plants can affect our mood.  April 22nd is Earth Day and many of our young readers have shared how they make this world a better place.  Finally, in this newsletter, we also share the story of a 20-year-old Amna Abu Kharoub, who is living in a refugee camp in Jordan while continuing her education and making a difference.

Our 3 months virtual summer program (June to August) for Middle and high schoolers –  Ambassador Program 2021, is now open for registration.  This year’s registration in Ambassador Program makes you automatically eligible for the 2021 Empower And Help Global Awareness Challenge at no additional cost.

Click here to read the newsletter in pdf format.


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