How EmpowerAndHelp brought students together to make a change ?

The mission of Empower And Help is to make a difference and aid children reach their highest potential. This year, Empower And Help students came together from all across the country to make a difference during the pandemic. This included helping spread awareness by conducting various community drives, teaching students, creating videos and more. The student ambassador’s goal was to spread awareness about national issues affecting our country and encourage people to support their efforts geared towards making a difference. Empower And Help inspired these student ambassadors to start many projects and provided necessary support for the ambassadors and their projects to be successful.Their philosophy is that regardless of age or background, everyone has the potential to make a difference. Empower And Help student ambassadors also built their self-esteem and leadership qualities through civic engagement.                 

Students ambassadors at Empower And Help were involved in various projects such as mentoring newly immigrant families, coding, writing articles, conducting community drives as well as creating videos to spread awareness on local and national issues. By volunteering through Empower And Help ambassador program, student ambassadors were able to contribute even during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Ambassadors wrote blog articles about what they had done, some students did fundraising to raise awareness about different causes, others conducting online classes for refugee families to help them with a certain skill, and also many wrote newsletters to spread awareness so more people can get involved and help our country . Ambassadors also learned various soft skills themselves such as communication and collaboration due to Covid and being in a remote environment.   

The goal of Empower And Help ambassadors is to help the community and make a positive impact on current and future generations. My sister and I are both ambassadors and were able to teach English to Syrian mothers who do not know the language. We developed learning materials, translated them from Arabic to English. This was a great learning experience for my sister and I, and we felt that we were able to bring positive change in their lives. We taught them English by reviewing the  assignments we created with them through live online classes.  We   translated what we are saying in English to Arabic so the beginner adult learner could  understand.  It was amazing to see their progress throughout the process.

There are many benefits of joining Empower And Help Global Challenge and Ambassador Program. Ambassadors build self esteem and leadership qualities by stepping up and making positive impacts. This involves collaboration, teamwork, communication, time management, and project management skills. These are vital skills that everyone should have. Ambassadors are able to learn these skills whilst helping their local and national communities. This program is led by volunteers who work selflessly to oversee the program to encourage and empower youth all across the country to serve others. These selfless leaders are a great example of what Empower And Help is about. 

As you can see, the Empower And Help Global Challenge Program brought students throughout the country together to make a positive impact; even during the pandemic. Ambassadors, including my sister and I, were able to lead various initiatives as well as learn and grow as individuals. I felt grateful for the opportunity to serve others and make a difference at a young age. I would recommend the program to others since it encourages you to help solve issues on both a local and global level. The Empower and Help Global Challenge program teaches you many skills and allows you to grow and develop in a powerful way. You can go to to get more details and join the movement!   

[By Shaan Singh, is Global Awareness Ambassador from New Jersey]       

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