How to find a “Real” life coach ?

As we know with our busy lives and so much competition that we face every minute, we all look towards finding a Life Coach to help us and guide us. In almost every place you can open your wallet and find a life coach. Life coaches may also have titles like nutrition coach, relationship coach, wellness coach, executive coach, holistic coach, or business coach. But How do you find that one Life Coach who is there to really help you, will work for you .
Please look at some basic tips below tips below to help you find one –

1. Do your Background research.
2. Get to know your Life Coach before hiring them – which means learn about them.
3. Identify if they have “REAL” experience that will help you with your issues.
3. Talk to people if you can who they have coached in past.
4. Check for appropriate certifications if they exist in reality.
5. Make sure your life coach is a person who is Consistent, Reliable,Trustworthy and not all talks.
6. Having lot of facebook friends, tweets may get a life coach shortlisted for selection, but do not consider it as qualifying factor.
7. Most importantly listen to yourself 🙂

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