Article Publication As an ambassador using your voice to raise awareness on global issues that are important to you and that you want to shine a light on is a powerful tool to have. We believe that publishing articles backed by research, peer-reviewed, and professionally edited is an essential part of being an ambassador. These articles are also a chance for you to share a solution that you think might propel the issue into a resolution. The process can take a while from idea to publication, but we are here to guide you the whole way through.

Here is how it works:  You find an issue you want to highlight and begin the brainstorming and the research process.

  • There will be weekly meetings to check on the status of your article, and we are always available to help you through the writing process.
  • Once you are confident that you are ready to begin the reviewing process, you will share a draft with fellow ambassadors as part of the peer-reviewing process.
  • After you take all the feedback, you are given and make your final edits, and are ready to publish. Your article will be edited by three senior members of the Empower And Help organization to give more feedback.
  • Once all of these steps are done and format your article with pictures and how you want it presented, it is ready to be published in the Empower And Help Blog section for everyone to hear your powerful voice.


Fundraising – In a world where the dollar reigns supreme, fundraising is an incredible way to support local causes and financially help shift the tide for a better tomorrow. There are numerous worthy organizations locally, nationally, and globally working hard to meet the needs of a cause they strongly believe in. You can be a part of this effort by organizing a fundraiser to benefit an organization whose mission aligns with your beliefs. We encourage creativity and want you to express your passions by making a difference in the world.  Here are some steps to create your fundraiser:

  • Start with doing some research; the Internet is an amazing place where you can find information about any organization in the world.
  • It is advised that you get in touch with the organization you choose to learn more about their mission and let them know that you plan to help them with this fundraiser. They may even have ideas on how to fundraise best!
  • Once you have done your research and found the organization you want to support, it is time to put together an action plan.
  • Your action plan helps you outline who you are helping, your goal, how you plan to raise funds (are you selling something or providing a service, etc.), and how will you market this fundraiser? 
  • Once you have everything mapped out, it is time to get the wheels in motion by creating an eye-catching flyer and has all the prominent information so people know what it is when they look at it. You can then plan to market it the best way you see fit, whether posting it electronically or printing it and spreading it around your neighborhood.
  • We will be with you every step of the way, we will check in on you weekly and support you any way we can, but we want you to be innovative and make this project your own.
  • At the end of the fundraiser, you will be asked to publish an article to share steps you took from start to finish.  This will inspire others to fundraise and help them learn from your methods. Here you will document any trial and errors you may have faced, how you problem-solved, and highlight your triumphs. 

Community Drives – Organizing a community drive is yet another way to impact the world positively. The process for organizing a community drive is exactly like creating and executing a fundraiser, except, in this case, you are trying to figure out what your local organization needs most. You can collect for your local food bank, animal shelter, women’s shelter, or any other organization that you find that you are passionate about. It is important to note that given the current pandemic thinking of ways to conduct a community drive in a COVID friendly, socially distanced, the hands-free way is a big part of this project. This will require innovation, problem-solving, and maybe getting you out of your comfort zone. However, these skills will help you in the future in any endeavor you may embark on.


Remote Mentorship Program – It has been proven that peer-to-peer mentorship is beneficial for both the mentor and mentee and we have found great success with this program in the past and are happy to offer it again. Ambassadors get real-life experience through teaching, mentoring, and interacting with students that they are paired with. Students can be from refugee families, below poverty lines in developing nations, or part of local families that need academic support. Some of the tasks that are entailed in this program are:

  • Regular Zoom meetings with your assigned student.
  • Creating a curriculum for your student depending on their academic level. The fields of study are STEM, English (pronunciation through reading and spelling), and coding.
  • Setting attainable goals for your mentee and working together towards those goals.
  • There is a possibility you will be working as a team with another ambassador to focus on one mentee.