What is Life Unleashed Teen Leadership Training?

Based in the Charlotte, North Carolina area, Life Unleashed Training are teen leadership training class for 8th – 12th-grade students. Using engaging, experiential programming, a proven course to increase social and emotional intelligence.

Life Unleashed provides teens with the opportunity to leave the past behind and create the future they desire by uncovering how they limit their self-expression and full potential. They provide social-emotional learning through a carefully integrated program of proven-effective games, mentor-guided instruction, experiential learning, and group and individual coaching. Life Unleashed designed the training to be interactive, fun, and engaging.

The program is committed to teens discovering essential life lessons that are missing from the traditional school curriculum. In a society where technology is everywhere, teens often struggle to have meaningful and deep connections, and the program works hard to ensure they understand how important connection is.

The upcoming session will be on November 4th,5th, and 6th. Click here to Register.

Click here to donate to Life Unleashed Trainings scholarship funds.  In the notes/comment section, please designate “Life Unleashed” while making a donation.  Your donation allows underprivileged youths to afford this training.