Welcome to Empower and Help, where we create future leaders with integrity and values. Empower, And Help is a 501(c)(3) NGO that is on a mission to Empower And Help our Youth, Build future leaders with integrity through social good projects, challenges to solve and raise awareness on global issues, positive mindset development, emotional awareness, and value-based education.

Our Team

Priti Bansal – (Founder and President):  Priti is a mom, Humanitarian, community helper and is the glue that keeps the whole team together. You can always count on her to get your spirits up, develop innovative ideas to make a project successful, and jump in to help wherever it is needed. She is not hesitant to take on new challenges and learn new things.

Priti has co-authored a children’s book -, “Sal, Let’s Help,” which teaches children to give back by doing smalls tasks starting at home. Successfully funded this book on Kickstarter and distributed copies all across the world. Priti also led a computer campaign where donated 35+ computers to families in need locally and globally. Priti is also the founder of the social good project “Cards of Hope.” Priti has conducted and is still conducting multiple drives where trucks full of basic needs have been sent worldwide to help displaced families in need due to war or natural disasters. Priti also joined the Board of Casa Freehold, whose mission is to lay a foundation for empowerment so that immigrants can learn how to address their needs and assist others as they integrate into the community. Priti launched the Empower And Helped Global Challenge and Ambassador Program to Empower And help youth in 2020. The program exceeded expectations in its first year with around 50 participants from all over the country.

Priti has a special place in her heart for children with special needs as her own nephew has both Autism and Apraxia. She has also attended and organized various enrichment workshops based on Mental health, emotional awareness, values, and life applications. She understands the challenges that our children and parents face and knows how important it is to recognize and manage one’s own emotions. “Don’t judge them; join them,” says Priti to understand kids better. Through Empower and Help, Priti’s vision is to provide education for all, empowering our youth along the way. Priti also received the honor HUMANITARIAN OF THE MONTH award by savethesyrianchildren.org


Aditi Verma – (Founder and Vice President): Aditi co-authored children’s book “Sal, Let’s Help,” as well created several empowerment workshops and seminars that help youths, teens, and women develop powerful self-esteem, a positive can-do attitude, and navigate the ups and downs of life and more.  She is part of a worldwide movement to empower youth and families.

Aditi is a certified wisdom coach for kids ages 7 to 12 and a certified teen wisdom coach for ages 13 to 23. She believes it is vital for children to be balanced emotionally and intellectually to achieve their goals and be successful in their lives. Through Empower And Help, she aims to bring that balance into youth’s lives by focusing on emotional intelligence, value-based learning, and experiential, hands-on volunteer opportunities.  She also believes that personal growth in parents themselves will naturally lead to personal growth in children, creating and providing workshops for parents and children. Her vision is that of a connected, empowered, and happy family. She teaches powerful tools to her clients to achieve their goals which she herself practices as well.  In the past, she has worked in the corporate world as a Business Analyst and Product Manager. She holds degrees in Bachelors of Science from Virginia Tech and a Masters in Biotechnology from the University of Pennsylvania. Aditi Verma and her husband are the proud parents of 2 children.  Aditi is passionate about Empower And Help’s mission to build future leaders with integrity that make this world a better place for themselves and others.


Natasha Toth – (Board Member and Grant Manager): Natasha leads our grant writing department. Her passions for writing, education, charity work, and changing the world are her guiding light. She is currently pursuing her degree in English Language and Literature at Southern New Hampshire University.

Tasha established The Book Smart Project in 2014, which she founded in honor of her late father, who instilled in her the love of charitable work. The Book Smart Project collects and donates kids’ books to low-income school districts across the country, focusing on New Jersey schools. In collaboration with other organizations, such as Literacy Movement 4 More, African Library Project, and Empower And Help, to name a few, Natasha’s books have also made it to the Caribbean, India, Syria, South Africa, Brazil, and more. When she is not collecting books for low-funded schools, she mentors Syrian refugees in Za’atari Camp in Jordan remotely, providing support, academic help, and translation through VIP.fund’s program called edSeed. She is also a volunteer communication strategist with VIP.fund where she works on content creation for their programs, social media, and newsletters. She is fluent in Arabic and used her skills to bridge the language gap during the 2020 Empower And Help Remote Mentorship Program. She spearheaded this pilot program by assisting with curriculum, translating during the teaching sessions, and supporting the mentors, students, and parents throughout the pandemic summer of 2020. Natasha’s passion for literacy has been a driving force in all of her charitable efforts, and she continues on her quest to leave a positive lasting impact on the world.

Aishwarya Panchal (Board Member and Lead Educator): Aishwarya is an Intuitive & Mindset Coach with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Psychology. Her coaching niche integrates intuitive wisdom with research-based mindset shifting practices to guide children and adults in their journey of self-discovery. While in college, Aishwarya was involved in several community engagement projects such as bake sales, after-school mentorship programs, environmental clean-up efforts, and helping at the local soup kitchen. Her expertise lies in leadership and resilience development with a published research study under her name, looking into the multi-layered relationship between service-learning pedagogy, civic and academic engagement attitudes and behaviors. Her research highlighted the importance of volunteering and civic work in building leadership skills among college students. After completing her Master’s degree, Aishwarya worked in New York in the corporate sector for a few years before deciding to pursue a coaching career through the Jay Shetty Coaching School.

Her association with Empower and Help began in early 2020. She assisted with smaller projects before taking up the educator role and conducting remote workshops throughout the summer. Additionally, she was part of the supervising team of the Global Ambassador program, supporting the student mentors and mentees through the completion of the program. She has also spearheaded our India Mentorship Program, where we match adult mentors in the U.S with underprivileged students in Delhi, India, by providing after-school guidance and education. She leads her team of 8 and is passionate about expanding this program and multiplying the impact. In her free time, you will usually find her baking, doing yoga, reading, or spending time in nature with her husband and their toddler son.