Welcome to Empower and Help where we create future leaders with integrity. We do this through mindset development, emotional awareness and value based education classes which we offer both online and in person. If you want your child to be a leader, have a positive can do attitude and unleash their highest potential then you are at the right place.

Our Team

Priti Bansal, a mom, Humanitarian, community helper and is the glue that keeps the whole team together. You can always count on her to get your spirits up, come up with innovative ideas to make a project successful and jump in to help wherever it is needed. She is not hesitant to take on new challenges and learn new things.

Priti is constantly finding ways to give back to the community. She has co-authored a children’s book, Sal, Let’s Help, which teaches children to give back by doing smalls task starting at home and has led the computer campaign. She has a special place in her heart for children with special needs as her own nephew has both Autism and Apraxia. She has been volunteering her time twice a week for the past five years to interact, play and talk about emotions to keep him focused and socially responsible. She has also attended and organized various enrichment workshops based on Mental health, emotional awareness, values and life applications. She understands the challenges that these children and parents face and knows how important it is to recognize and manage one’s own emotions. Priti is also founder of social good project “Cards of Hope” where she works with kids across the country to mail cards to various refugee camps, schools in Africa and communities within United States

“Don’t judge them, join them”, says Priti to understand kids better. Through Empower and Help, Priti’s vision is to provide education with emotional intelligence in addition to values as that can teach individuals to live happier and resilient lifestyle.

Priti also received the honor HUMANITARIAN OF THE MONTH award by savethesyrianchildren.org

Read More on her humanitarian efforts – https://www.humanitytoday.com/us-moms-step-up-to-help-after-seeing-kids-suffer-in-syria_6923.html

Aditi Verma, a certified WISDOM coach for kids, a mom and an entrepreneur loves to take on new projects and, with her creativity, bring them to life. Since childhood she has been part of many charitable organizations and events, some of which she organized and led herself. While doing her Master’s at the University of Pennsylvania, she started a non-profit organization, Jhoom, where professional and beginner dancers came together to put on a dance show for different causes or charities. She also co-authored a children’s book, Sal, Let’s Help, to encourage children to help with small tasks at home.

She has received certification in human values education provided by Spiritual Sai Education. As a mom, Aditi works hard to incorporate a healthy lifestyle with her family by practicing mindfulness, emotional awareness and cooking food that energizes mind, body and soul. As a volunteer and teacher of character education, she believes it is vital for children to be balanced emotionally and intellectually to be successful in life. With Empower and Help, Aditi hopes to bring that balance into children’s lives by focusing on emotional intelligence and value-based learning.