Students who attend grades 6-12 within US school system are eligible . Registration is closed for Year 2020.


Global Challenge Ambassador – Eesha Boddu  

After joining EmpowerandHelp as a Global Challenge Ambassador, I have learnt and achieved many things that I am proud of. I have created the Global Awareness Challenge banner. This graphic design is on almost every Global Challenge poster and flyer. I have also created flyers and posters to campaign the Global Awareness Challenge in my school, Chinmaya Vrindavan, and the Voyagers’ Community School. Additionally, I have created a few Social Media posts for Instagram, Twitter, and FaceBook. Casa Freehold is a grassroot, non-profit organization that EmpowerandHelp works with that hosts a program called Homework Help. I helped launching the program and was a constant contributor for this program; I also helped preparing homework assignments for children. I also helped arrange canned food that was to be shipped to refugee camps in Syria. I am currently working on an article called “Changing Education”. This will be about the conflicts with our current educational curriculum and how it can be improved. Currently I am also contributing to Cards Of Hope to show our love and appreciation for essential workers on frontline fighting Global Pandemic.

Link to publications by Eesha can be found at – 

Changing Education: Can We Change Our Future ?

Cards Of Hope –


Banners, Flyers and Posters by Eesha can be seen below also –



Global Challenge Ambassador – Carolina Rodrigues


Being a Global Challenge Ambassador for EmpowerAndHelp, starting in March, I have learned important soft skills and achieved many things that I am proud of.

Commencing, to help advocate for EmpowerAndHelp Global Challenge I helped create one of the posters being used at the Voyagers school. Continuing, being one of the first Ambassadors, I helped launch the Homework Help program for Casa Freehold. The Homework help program strives towards reinforcing children’s understanding of the material they are currently learning. Since I am bilingual, I can easily communicate with students who are not fully fluent in English. For example, I have helped two children by going over some learning subjects that they needed more guidance on by using a slide show and a dry erase board to physically outline the topics being learned. While being at Casa Freehold, I also helped organize canned food on shelves which was shipped to refugee camps in Syria. I also created a fundraiser to help collect money from outside organizations that I pertain to. These funds that were collected went towards helping children at Casa Freehold.

In addition, I have three published articles on the Empowerandhelp website named, “How much do we know about ‘Poverty’?”, “Why Companies Need to Focus on Global Crisis”, and my latest publication, “Global Shortage of PPE”. My first published article consists of the gravity of poverty and how significant changes must be made to this worldwide crisis. My second article regards how more companies must assist individuals with their financial struggles and provide adequate working environments. Finally, my latest article discusses the current global shortage of PPE and how the continuation of the pandemic is thanks to the lack of PPE worldwide.

Additionally, being so inspired by the Frontline and Healthcare workers during the COVID-19 crisis, I decided to lead the Cards of Hope project. This project acknowledges the efforts made by all Frontline and Healthcare workers during these unprecedented times. To recognize their sacrifice we reached out to people all around the world including other Ambassadors and we made cards to thank the courage, sacrifice, and kindness that Frontline workers have had during the evolution of this pandemic.

A current project that I also contributed towards was the Online Mentoring Program. This project strived towards providing children from immigrant families that came to the United States as a part of the refugee resettlement program. 

From creating curriculum to having Zoom Calls, the Online Mentoring Program consisted of teaching STEM and even Coding. This opportunity gave me the experience to connect with children face to face and teach them the basics of Language Arts, Math, and Coding. Being one of the mentors for this project I learned how to navigate through Google Classroom in the teacher’s perspective and I strengthened my love for helping children. Not only has the Online Mentoring Program taught me life skills, but it has taught me the importance of appreciating a child’s education!

Overall, I am very proud of my accomplishments outside of being a Global Challenge Ambassador and my accomplishments within the Casa Freehold and Empowerandhelp platform. As time passes I will continue to strive for more and hopefully accomplish much more in the future. I would like to thank the Empowerandhelp organization for giving me this amazing opportunity to help people and to spread awareness of the Global issues that I am passionate about. I believe that with more people striving to make a change, we as a whole can leave an impact on our beloved planet!


Link to publications by Carolina can be found at –

How much do we know about “Poverty” ?

Why Companies Need to Focus on Global Crisis ?

Global Shortage of PPE


Global Challenge Ambassador – Shaan Singh

I am  a 13 year old Ambassador. In the past few months of being in this program, I have helped a Syrian mother try to speak English by creating assignments for her and uploading them to Google Classroom. I have also made an article about “How Empower and Help brought children all across the country together to make a positive impact during the time of Covid?”.  Lastly, I created a  Video on the topic of Education and how to make sure that all children in the world no matter, their race, skin color,or background get an education, so they can learn and grow. I am so thankful that I was a part of this program so I could help make a difference in our community. I look forward to making even more contributions in the future.

 Link to publication by Shaan can be found at –

How EmpowerAndHelp brought students together to make a change ?


Global Challenge Ambassador – Simran Singh

I am an 11 year old Ambassador at Empower and Help and in the past 2 months I have learned leadership skills, time management skills, and gained so much knowledge about global issues. Some contributions I have made whilst participating in Empower and Help are making lessons plans for a Syrian mom. This made me feel proud knowing that I can help someone learn English. I have also had the opportunity to connect with other ambassadors at Empower and Help to write an article explaining the work of ambassadors who have put together community drives. Next summer I look forward to making even greater contributions and helping others who need it. Thank you Empower and Help for putting this program together.

Link to publication by Simran can be found at –

Lessons from 5 different community drives.