2017—Empower And Help started their first leadership and character development summer camps for youths ages 7 to 12, with goals to teach skills for managing emotions and relationships, building a positive mindset, and improving communication skills.

2018—Due to several requests from the community, Empower And Help conducted its first empowerment workshop for women. Following the first workshop, Empower And Help conducted a three-month weekly session for women focused on exploring the belief systems that hold us back and how we can shift from negative to positive belief systems.

2018 – Empower And Help successfully ran the second year of in-person youth empowerment summer camp, but this year, we also extended the camps to high school teenagers. The focus for the summer was to learn skills to build self-confidence/self-esteem, the value of positive self-talk, explore and talk about body image issues, and overcome fears.

2018 – Empower And Help offered the school year-round enrichment classes for youth on positive mindset, leadership, and emotional self-awareness

2019 – In person ran a successful third year of youth empowerment summer camp

2019 – Empower And help offer the school year enrichment curriculum to youths that focus on skills needed for vision boarding, goal setting, and taking action.

2020 – Empower And Help launched the Summer Ambassador Program to help youths across America and international borders. This summer program gives young adults volunteering opportunities to lead and participate in life-changing local and global projects, including community drives and fundraisers. The program provides empowerment and health workshops. The program also allows participation in a Remote mentorship program and teaches them entrepreneurship skills.

2020—Empower And Help launched the Global Challenge Blog, a platform for our youth to create awareness around various global issues they care about with the power of writing. Today, we have 80+ articles written by youth raising awareness around various global issues and experiences while conducting fundraisers and community drives.

2020—Empower And Help launched Cards of Hope, a project that invited children from all over the country to make cards for families in refugee camps and those homeless or living in underprivileged communities in the USA. These cards communicate peace, love, care, and hope. 

2021—Empower And Help was formally approved as a 501(c)3, even though good work to help the community and empower youth has already started.

2021—Empower And Help successfully conducted the second year of the Summer Ambassador Program, which included additional workshops and enrichment activities.

2021 – Empower And Help collaborated with SAATHI, a New Delhi-based non-profit organization. Through this collaborative effort, we reach underprivileged children in India and provide after-school support and a platform to teach them the foundations of English and Maths. We also give Chromebooks to the students and, with the help of our partner, SAATHI, can assist with an internet connection if required.

2021 – Empower And Help student ambassadors successfully raised funds to help families affected by the lockdown, unemployment, and COVID-19 illness, struggling financially.

2021—The Empower And Help student ambassador successfully raised funds for a local charity, “The Book Smart Project,” which distributes classroom books to schools in need.

2021—Empower And Help student volunteers expanded the Cards of Hope project so anyone can contribute cards for any essential worker worldwide. We have proudly distributed over 1,000 cards and uploaded 150 handwritten cards as digital images.

2021—Empower And Help youth volunteers conducted a community drive to fill a 14-foot Truck in collaboration with NuDay to provide humanitarian relief to the people affected by the crisis in Syria. 

2022 – Empower And Help successfully conducted 3rd year of the Summer Ambassador Program, focusing on leadership and youth empowerment skills. More than 50 students have gone through the program.

2022—Empower And Help Youth raised funds to help women and children affected by the Ukraine war by joining hands with Lifting Hand International Organization.

2023 – Led in-person ESL classes at Freehold, NJ, with the help of Student Mentors and Casa Freehold

2023 – Launched 120 pages Teen Ventures Magazine, Volume 1 – a magazine by youth and for youth.

2023 – Implements Computer Programming classes for students in need

2024 – Implements 3-part Teen Leadership workshop for Teens in North Carolina

2024 – Working towards launching Teen Ventures Issue II