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Whenever we work with an organization that is making impacts within local communities or abroad , we make sure that entire process is transparent and our efforts reach the people in need. We are looking forward to raise awareness on below organizations we have worked in past and also supporting now. Thank you for selfless work and positive impact they are making locally and globally.



View More Save The Syrian Children  spent the better part of 2016 building a well-vetted network of medical workers and freight forwarders to send aid delivering life-saving medical supplies for the children and innocent civilians inside the war torn area. They compile a list of supplies most needed to minimize civilian casualties from cluster and bunker bombs. Because access to something as simple as gauze or a tourniquet is the difference between a child dying in a Syrian hospital or living a long life. With in kind donations, since 2017, they have delivered 50+ shipments, totaling over 126 million dollars worth of medical supplies, to more than 50 hospitals in over 20 cities.

A grassroot registered non-profit organization that is 100 percent volunteer powered with individuals like you and me. Every container via them is shipped with love, shipped with compassion , shipped with empathy and shipped with dedication. Please do look into them and see whatever you can do to help. You can also find information about our joint efforts in sending 40 feet container from New Jersey and another container in collaboration with Project CURE at https://www.facebook.com/savethesyrianchildren.org/posts/1981205028849946

Save the Syrian Children devised a bold plan to take life-saving medical supplies straight into the heart of the conflict where they are needed most. These are basic supplies that will allow doctors to stop children from hemorrhaging when they are targeted by bombs, giving them a chance to survive and escape the war. Please support the work done by them. They are proudly known as #guerillahumanitarians.

View More Casa Freehold’s mission is to lay a foundation for empowerment so that immigrants can learn how to address their needs and assist others as they integrate into the community. Casa Freehold was founded in 2004 in response to the needs of a growing immigrant population. It is on a mission is to help new arrivals to this country become fully integrated and productive members of their new community. Casa Freehold strives to empower workers and their families by providing them with knowledge and resources relating to immigration, education, housing, health, employment, and job safety. Just recently as a joint effort we also launched sewing classes, Saturday homework help to our children. And here are some of other ongoing programs –

  • Employment – We bring workers and employers together in an environment of fair pay and safe working conditions.
  • Health – We educate and empower the community regarding health resources.
  • Language – Immigrants learn the importance of English for success in their new country. English as a Second Language (ESL) classes are currently running and new ones are starting all the time.
  • Legal – We empower our members to solve a variety of problems (e.g. landlord/tenant, small claims, traffic court, work accidents, etc.).
  • Immigration – We provide ongoing education and referrals to available resources.
  • Wage Theft Conflicts – We work with our members to obtain wages not paid.

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The Book Smart Project started with a goal  -we aspire to get books in the hands of ALL kids to ensure every child has the opportunity to be Book Smart. Over the years, Tasha and her team has collected thousands of books from families around the state that no longer have a need for their children’s books, and in turn,  donated these books to hundreds of teachers teaching all around the state of New Jersey, mostly in low income areas.

Donations include Hunterdon Medical Center in Flemington for their pediatric offices,  Camp Bernie, and DYFS. They have also partnered with a couple of other organizations with the intentions of spreading the gift of literacy to children. Book Smart Project also partnered with Literacy Movement 4 More to get books to those in need in India and overseas. Thanks to joint effort , they donated us books to be sent to the Caribbean countries that have been affected by natural disasters,  and helped us to translate handmade greeting cards to Arabic sent to the children of Syria in collaboration with Save The Syrian Children distributed through hospitals inside Syria needing some moral uplifting. Please share and support the wonderful journey via The Book Smart Project.

View More Charity Kings is a wonderful non-profit organization in Monmouth County, NJ. Charity Kings is committed to promoting a better community by supporting and empowering families that may be in need, to achieve in life. We make it a priority to focus on our youth by offering academic support, enhancing family values by offering organized family-focused events, and promoting a positive community environment for them to thrive in.

Wish Upon A Prom Dress Giveaway donating thousands of dresses, make-up and accessories to girls for their prom , Holiday Santa’s Toy Shoppe Gift Drive donating toys, gifts, clothing and holiday decorations to families who express a need, Back To School Block Party donating school supplies to youth are just some examples of the positive work done by them to empower our families in our community.  Recreational Activities, Youth sports training, Health Education / Activities for senior, 1 On 1 Tutoring, Voter Education, Women’s Empowerment Summits,  Discussing women’s health / reproduction, Family support initiatives, Child development education, Community Service Honoree Awards, Acknowledging citizens in our community for their hard work achievements, Stay In School Concerts, Economic empowerment.

View More Virag Nirman Foundation is registered non-profit with a vision “We commit ourselves to supporting the underprivileged in our society”. Vilag Nirman formed by a like-minded and well-meaning group of friends, the trust began its activities in Guntur District and then gradually extending to other districts of Andhra Pradesh in India. The foundation exists to facilitate sustainable empowerment in rural areas through the quality of education, providing health care facilities, women empowerment, and protection of the environment.

Foundation has already adopted close to 7 schools , provided employment to female population in schools, organized health camps and health awareness program. The Trust also distributed medicines to economically weaker sections of the society. One of the key focus areas of the Vilag Nirman Foundation is conserving the environment. They are involving school children to plant trees as ongoing activity. Foundation is also working actively on rural upliftment projects.