Plant A Tree and Save a Tree

With upcoming climate strike on September 20th, lets pledge to #PlantATree #SaveATree

Imagine millions protesting, now if the same millions also take above pledge – it will give this planet a chance to breathe.  It is very important for us to Save Old Trees and Plant New Ones. Lets give mother earth chance to breathe with simple action #PlantATree #SaveATree

Link to very informative article to see what Native Plants can be incorporated in Your Residential Landscape –

Link on how to help with Bird friendly and native plants. If you dont have space to plant them, You can donate also  – 

Check out “The Native Plant Society of New Jersey” also to contribute in various ways –

Your Action and Reward :-

1. Pledge to #PlantATree #SaveATree
2. Share your pictures on social media and with us
3. Involve children, families, friends to #SaveATree #PlantATree
4. Lets spread the feeling of love, responsibility and community

Share the love to #PlantAtree #SaveATree with your friends and family with lot of hugs.

Surprise from Us :-

Feel free to share the badge for your incredible work to #SaveATree #PlantATree .


And to continue the campaign to ,we gave away American Elm Trees – native to our area.


Do check out and share our empowerment and leadership sessions for children. These sessions help us fund our social good projects to #EmpowerAndHelp. Month of September/October we are donating 20% from class registrations to Casa Freehold (


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