Failures Are The Keys To Success


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Summary: Download of electronic book of 23 pages “Failures Are The Keys To Success”

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E-book: 23 pages

Language: English

Shipping: FREE – once payment is made you will receive an email with a link to download the book. You will need Adobe Reader to open the book.

Summary: This is an electronic book of 23 pages. Each page includes hand-made sketches by  student ambassador Eesha. Book has been authored by student ambassadors Anika and Eesha. It also includes – The Key to Excellence + Stay Positive, Stay Inspired” poster . Empower yourself everyday. Start and end everyday with positivity.

Have you ever wondered how famous people like Angelina Jolie and Michael Jordan got to where they are today? Well, in our “Failures are the Keys to Success” PDF downloadable, you can find out more about how famous celebrities and other accomplished individuals became successful. Each purchase raises money towards a fundraiser for the organization, hellofuture. Each download is only $3.99! These individuals are an inspiration to others to show that hard work and countless efforts do pay off in the end. Buying this inspirational downloadable might just help you find your “lightbulb” moment and further benefit your skills and dreams to your full capacity. What are you waiting for? Find your inspirations, role models, motivations, and dreams today. Buy this downloadable and get all the hope and courage to achieve and go beyond your dreams!

Since this is an electronic book. Following payment you will receive a link to download the book. Browse through all of them using your cursor. Please do check other mail folders also , if we are not added in your contact order might go to Junk or Spam.

All the proceeds from book will go to raise funds for