Past Projects

Remote Mentorship Program for SAATHI (India)

Scope – Get involved from anywhere. 

In 2021, our virtual mentorship program expanded internationally and in collaboration with a non-profit organization, SAATHI. We have been able to reach underprivileged children in India by providing after-school support and a platform to teach them the foundations of English and Math. The material we cover is not limited to their school work, in fact, our goal is to bridge the gap between their current knowledge and what is taught in their schools. Generally, there is a big gap causing them difficulties in school. Because of this, our first step is always to assess the children to gauge their knowledge. Just because a child is in 6th grade, for example, does not mean they know 6th-grade level English. Depending on the assessment, the mentor will then source material and lessons to start bridging the gap. Our goal is not only to provide academic support but also open a safe space for these children to learn important values about hard work, discipline, and success. We wish to be able to provide these children the confidence and encouragement they need so they will have the power to change their reality. Currently, we are working with adult volunteers to mentor these children, who can commit to this program until August 31, 2021. Usually the children are not very fluent in English, so it is helpful if the mentor knows some Hindi although it is not a requirement. The mentors will perform the following tasks on a weekly basis, requiring about 3-4 hours per week of their time:

  • Create lesson plans and materials
  • Upload weekly material & homework online
  • Zoom class with student (1 hour)

India Covid Relief

Scope – Get involved from anywhere. 

The EmpowerAndHelp collaboration with SAATHI started in December 2020 by providing academic support and educational resources; however, we forged personal bonds with the families over time and learned about their daily struggles over time. These families are single-income homes, and due to the lockdown, unemployment, and COVID-19 illness, they have been struggling financially.  We at Empower And Help have been turning away help due to a lack of funds and resources, but the need is dire. We want to help more families when it comes to providing necessities such as groceries and medicines. We would love to support the existing families we work with and reach more families in need. There is a growing need for educational and financial assistance, and with your help, we can truly make a positive impact in the lives of these families.

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Humanitarian relief to help families across Refugee Centers.

Scope – Get involved from anywhere. 

EmpowerAndHelp collaborated with the NuDay Foundation, USA which is a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian relief to the people affected by the crisis in Syria.
Founded in 2013, NuDay has shipped millions of dollars worth of clothes, medicine,and food to displaced families in Syria. It also provides help for the housing, work and schooling of Syrian refugees in Turkey. In 2017, NuDay undertook 480 projects inside Syria and within Turkey’s Syrian refugee camps, benefiting over a million people. On an ongoing basis, the NuDay Founder Nadia Alawa has successfully collected several
containers of clothing, food and supplies for the refugees and the Syrian victims.The collection drive was a humungous success. Thank you to Greater NYC Families For Syria, EmpowerandHelp team, Volunteers, Members of @Sai Centers across the New Jersey and around, friends and families . NuDay Syria offered to pick up donations from NYC and NJ and ferry them to refugee camps near Idlib. Lot of you also purchased products online – Thank you. Our first covid-safe relief drive 2021! ❤️ Extending my gratitude and love to everyone who supported this drive .

Project Eats Meal Kit Distribution

Scope – Get involved from anywhere. 
Since 2009, Project EATS’ mission is to create community-based food systems that situate small-plot, high-yield urban farms in low-wealth communities in NYC. In July 2020, Project EATS launched a free food initiative in the Lower East Side from our two distribution locations, GrandLo Community Resource Center and Essex Market. To date, they have distributed approximately 1400 bags with farm-fresh, organic produce feeding over 3000 people. Project Eats initiative is hyper-local. The populations they are serving includes Grand Street Settlement seniors, NYCHA Seward Park Extension residents, families in need with children attending P.S. 20, patients referred by Gouverneur Hospital and mostly Chinese speaking seniors living in Chinatown and the Lower East Side.


Om Sri Sai Balaji Temple is joining hands to support Project EATs mission to provide shelf-stable pantry items for community residents in the LES who would not otherwise have enough food to eat. From nuts to tomato sauce to pasta to lentils to rice, Community at Om Sri Sai Balaji Temple has supplemented Project EAT’s fresh produce bags every Friday since Sept. 2020 and they would appreciate more donations to offer to local residents-in-need going into the winter months. Joanne travels from Far Rockaway to the LES every Friday to pick up a free food bag at 168 Broome. She is grateful to receive pantry food to supplement her public benefits. Geno is a senior who lives in NYCHA Seward Park extension and travels in a motorized wheelchair. He lines up at 7am each Friday for a free produce bag and has come to count on donations from Om Sri Sai Balajai Temple pantry donations to feed his family of six. With the addition of pantry items provided by Om Sri Sai Balaji Temple , Project EATS has been able to serve more residents in the LES community who not only appreciate cooking with fresh, organic vegetables and also need shelf-stable products to round out their meals.

How to Get Involved –

You can click “Inquire More” to get more information or just email

Peer Virtual Mentorship Program within US

Scope – Get involved from anywhere. 

Peer Virtual Mentorship Program launched Fall 2020 with an idea to make education more accessible to everyone in the world, as we believe this is a human right. We are connecting mentors and students virtually across the U.S. and beyond in order to overcome geographic and socio-economic barriers. No child should be deprived of education support just because they happen to be born in a different zip code. Peer Virtual Mentorship program aims to provide supplemental support by providing homework help via online tutoring. Students will also be given options for pronunciation and reading lessons if required. These lessons which proved to be very valuable during EmpowerAndHelp Remote Mentorship Program because the students can practice reading and speaking at the same time. Each student will work with an assigned student tutor under guidance of an Adult Mentor.

FAQs for families or students looking FOR Tutoring Help – 
1) How to Request for Tutoring Help for your child (K-12) ?

You can click “Inquire More” to get more information or just follow the below steps.

  • Send us an email at or leave a text message at 732-490-1666
  • Empower And Help volunteer will call you to answer your queries and walk you through next steps.

2) How is the tutoring support offered ?
Virtually on zoom.
3) How often Tutoring sessions will take place?
Sessions will be offered once or twice a week depending on needs and available resources .
4) Who will offer the Sessions ? 
Student volunteers will offer the sessions under supervision of an adult mentor.
5) Are the tutoring sessions FREE ?
Yes, tutoring sessions via Peer Virtual Mentorship Program via Empower And Help are free.

FAQs for Student Volunteers looking TO help with Tutoring – 
Student volunteers interested in tutoring please fill out the volunteer form and someone will contact you.

Cards of Hope

Scope – Get involved from anywhere. We are looking for volunteers to help us make Cards Of Hope for essential workers at front lines. You can send your digital images to . We will publish them at this link. 

Cards Of Hope is a social good project started in the summer of 2017 . We invite children from all over the country to make cards for families in refugee camps, those that are homeless or living in underprivileged communities in our own country, the USA. These cards are created as a message of peace, love, care, and hope. A lovely project for the whole family to bond together empowering yourselves and others. You have an opportunity to involve your school, community, and work colleagues to raise their awareness and bring smiles on the faces of people living miles and miles away under far more difficult conditions.
How to Get Involved –

You can click “Inquire More” to get more information or just follow below steps.

  1. Make a card from scratch at home that portrays a message of peace, love, care, and hope.
  2. Do not attach any perishable, edible, or metal items to the card.
  3. You can attach a pencil or stickers to your cards.
  4. Please email us at for more information on how to get your school or community involved.
  5. Mail the cards to the address below and they will be mailed by us around the country and across the world:

PO Box 297 , Manalapan , NJ – 07726

We have proudly distributed over 1000 “Cards of Hope” with your love and support .

Meal-Kit Distribution

Scope – Get involved from anywhere

These meal-kits are being distributed in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana in coordination with Vilag Nirman Foundation . They are registered non-profit with a vision “We commit ourselves to supporting the underprivileged in our society”. Vilag Nirman formed by a like-minded and well-meaning group of friends, the trust began its activities in Guntur District and then gradually extending to other districts of Andhra Pradesh in India.

How to Get Involved –

Please email us at if you looking ways to support the effort. Need is dire to support relief efforts due to COVID-19

Support Sewing Class at Casa Freehold

Scope – Get involved from anywhere. Great project to support locally also located in NJ

Casa Freehold  helps to lay a fundamental foundation to empower our new families , so they can become independent and able to address their needs , integrate and build sustainable communities.

Every non-profit and it’s work needs a sustainable way to continue to keep doing good. That can happen when a community contributes, connects and has desire to empower others with help of each other. With help from so many friends and family , even the ones that we had never met before, we finally launched sewing class at Casa Freehold. Sewing is a art which is also dying due to commercialization and instant profits . This class will provide a revival to this art , build happy empowering connections and a powerful way to support families.

How to Get Involved –

  1. We are always looking for more new or used  portable sewing machines in working condition
  2. Any resources like scrap pieces of clothes, threads, scissors, needles, gift cards to stores where we can buy sewing supplies
  3. If you are a person who has sewing skills and can help our students in class, please come and spend time with us .  Looking to support Casa Freehold in any other way , click on “Inquire More” and we will send you more information


Diapers Project For Haiti

Scope – Get involved from anywhere, Diapers have to be shipped to NC

We joined a diapers-for-Haiti project through a friend, April Perry, who started the Luke Mission project with three other people about 20 years ago after her first trip to Haiti. One of their initiatives was to supply reusable diapers for infants and newborns. We will provide you with a tutorial and, in case of interest, a sample diaper. You will need an individual or group of adults who know how to sew and are interested in helping. April herself is based in Durham, North Carolina.

How to Get Involved –

  1. Start by clicking on “Inquire More” and we will send you a link to the project and a tutorial on how to sew a diaper.
  2. Once you acquire all materials, you can start sewing diapers.
  3. When a sufficient number of diapers is made, you can either mail them to April Perry directly or, if someone is traveling to Durham/Cary, NC, they can bring them in-person. Diapers will be then be taken to Carmelle Birth Center in Haiti by founders of the Luke Mission. We will provide you the address to mail diapers to.
  4. This is a great group project if you would like to get your community involved.

Book Smart Project

Scope – Books can be donated or collected from NJ

We have partnered with the Book Smart Project to get books in the hands of ALL kids to ensure that every child has the opportunity to be Book Smart. If you have used or extra children’s books lying around, please contact us. They will be donated to someone in need. Book Smart Project has collected thousands of books from families around the state of NJ who no longer have a need for them and donated them to hundreds of teachers all around the state, mostly in low income areas. Books have been also donated outside New Jersey or United States to various school libraries and children in need when requests are received.

How to Get Involved –

  1. Start by clicking on “Inquire More” if you have queries.  Anyone looking for books to donate or are looking for books for your family, group, organization, school, library, or a family in need can take part in this project.
  2. We will send you a link depending on if you want to offer book donations or request books for your organization.

Past Projects

Autism Awareness and Fundraising Event

Scope – Past project.

Our first social good project was launched by raising awareness about Autism. Our day to day tasks are so easy for us to so when the same can be a struggle to achieve for people with Autism. This event made us realize that while the spirit of volunteerism is abundant in the human soul, a medium is needed to spark it to action and channel it to where it is most needed. Through our social good projects we hope to spark that passion of volunteerism in individuals, families and children. The event was very successful and we had a great turnout. It led to so many more good things at Empower And Help.

Computer Campaign

Scope – Past project.

Computer Campaign was launched in June 2015. We donated over 30 new or used laptops and computers. We found many families whose kids needed computers to do their homework but did not have them at home and had to walk to a library to get computer access. There were also families who needed computers to generate income and support their family financially. We even donated several items to our local veterans . This campaign was conducted in New Jersey and North Carolina.

A dad shared a heartfelt comment with us: “I want to thank you for the laptop. It was very nice of them because we had none. My kids lost their mom just before Christmas and it put a big smile on my youngest daughter’s face.”

This campaign had an added benefit of being environmentally friendly because by finding new homes for these computers and laptops, we saved them from a landfill.

#MedicalSupplyDrive and #ParcelOfLove

Scope – Past project.

We were fortunate to be part of the #ParcelOfLove campaign that delivered 1,500 boxes of supplies to refugee camps in Syria. That gave founder Priti Bansal courage to initiate #MedicalSupplyDrive. We asked people to donate by checking for items lying around the house that they no longer needed or buy them specifically for the drive. Donations included: gauzes, medical gloves, walking boots, medical cotton, medical tape, sanitary pads, nebulizers, thermometers, tongue depressors, masks, wheelchairs, crutches, bandaids, alcohol gel hand sanitizers, first aid kits, canes, walkers, patches, diapers, baby formula, personal hygiene items for babies and adults, and canned food. We were able to collect enough items to ship a 20-foot container in coordination with

link to videos –