Current Projects

Cards of Hope

Cards Of Hope is a social good project started in the summer of 2017 . We invite children from all over the country to make cards for families in refugee camps, those that are homeless or living in underprivileged communities in our own country, the USA. These cards are created as a message of peace, love, care, and hope. A lovely project for the whole family to bond together empowering yourselves and others. You have an opportunity to involve your school, community, and work colleagues to raise their awareness and bring smiles on the faces of people living miles and miles away under far more difficult conditions.
How to Get Involved –

You can click “Inquire More” to get more information or just follow below steps.

  1. Make a card from scratch at home that portrays a message of peace, love, care, and hope.
  2. Do not attach any perishable, edible, or metal items to the card.
  3. You can attach a pencil or stickers to your cards.
  4. Please email us at for more information on how to get your school or community involved.
  5. Mail the cards to the address below and they will be mailed by us around the country and across the world:

We have proudly distributed over 600 “Cards of Hope” with your love and support.

Fund Raising For Casa Freehold

Casa Freehold  helps to lay a fundamental foundation to empower our new families , so they can become independent and able to address their needs , integrate and build sustainable communities.

  • Casa Freehold Job Center ensures that hired day laborers get fair wages and good working conditions.
  • We offer classes in ESL, OSHA health and safety, computer knowledge, etc.
  • We also address issues such as health care, housing, and immigrants rights.

Please Help Us Celebrate Casa Freehold’s New Home. Help us support them so they can support and welcome our new immigrant families.

Month of Sept/Oct – EmpowerAndHelp is donating 20% from workshop registrations to CASA FREEHOLD .
Find our upcoming workshops and register at

Diapers Project For Haiti

We joined a diapers-for-Haiti project through a friend, April Perry, who started the Luke Mission project with three other people about 20 years ago after her first trip to Haiti. One of their initiatives was to supply reusable diapers for infants and newborns. We will provide you with a tutorial and, in case of interest, a sample diaper. You will need an individual or group of adults who know how to sew and are interested in helping. April herself is based in Durham, North Carolina.

How to Get Involved –

  1. Start by clicking on “Inquire More” and we will send you a link to the project and a tutorial on how to sew a diaper.
  2. Once you acquire all materials, you can start sewing diapers.
  3. When a sufficient number of diapers is made, you can either mail them to April Perry directly or, if someone is traveling to Durham/Cary, NC, they can bring them in-person. Diapers will be then be taken to Carmelle Birth Center in Haiti by founders of the Luke Mission. We will provide you the address to mail diapers to.
  4. This is a great group project if you would like to get your community involved.

Book Smart Project

We have partnered with the Book Smart Project to get books in the hands of ALL kids to ensure that every child has the opportunity to be Book Smart. If you have used or extra children’s books lying around, please contact us. They will be donated to someone in need. Book Smart Project has collected thousands of books from families around the state of NJ who no longer have a need for them and donated them to hundreds of teachers all around the state, mostly in low income areas. Books have been also donated outside New Jersey or United States to various school libraries and children in need when requests are received.

How to Get Involved –

  1. Start by clicking on “Inquire More” if you have books to donate or are looking for books for your family, group, organization, school, library, or a family in need.
  2. We will send you a link depending on if you want to offer book donations or request books for your organization.

Past Projects

Autism Awareness and Fundraising Event

Our first social good project was launched by raising awareness about Autism. Our day to day tasks are so easy for us to so when the same can be a struggle to achieve for people with Autism. This event made us realize that while the spirit of volunteerism is abundant in the human soul, a medium is needed to spark it to action and channel it to where it is most needed. Through our social good projects we hope to spark that passion of volunteerism in individuals, families and children. The event was very successful and we had a great turnout. It led to so many more good things at Empower And Help.

Computer Campaign

Computer Campaign was launched in June 2015. We donated over 30 new or used laptops and computers. We found many families whose kids needed computers to do their homework but did not have them at home and had to walk to a library to get computer access. There were also families who needed computers to generate income and support their family financially. We even donated several items to our local veterans . This campaign was conducted in New Jersey and North Carolina.

A dad shared a heartfelt comment with us: “I want to thank you for the laptop. It was very nice of them because we had none. My kids lost their mom just before Christmas and it put a big smile on my youngest daughter’s face.”

This campaign had an added benefit of being environmentally friendly because by finding new homes for these computers and laptops, we saved them from a landfill.

#MedicalSupplyDrive and #ParcelOfLove

We were fortunate to be part of the #ParcelOfLove campaign that delivered 1,500 boxes of supplies to refugee camps in Syria. That gave founder Priti Bansal courage to initiate #MedicalSupplyDrive. We asked people to donate by checking for items lying around the house that they no longer needed or buy them specifically for the drive. Donations included: gauzes, medical gloves, walking boots, medical cotton, medical tape, sanitary pads, nebulizers, thermometers, tongue depressors, masks, wheelchairs, crutches, bandaids, alcohol gel hand sanitizers, first aid kits, canes, walkers, patches, diapers, baby formula, personal hygiene items for babies and adults, and canned food. We were able to collect enough items to ship a 20-foot container in coordination with