Teen Ventures – is a magazine creating a judgment-free space for teens to connect.


Sneak peek into Teen Ventures.

Teen Ventures is a Teen Magazine that is the only magazine that is so unique because it is entirely written, edited, produced, and marketed by teenagers.

The goal behind the magazine is to support Mental Health by giving our Teens a safe platform to express themselves on topics they care about, in addition to something they think will be fun for others to read, and raise voices against issues that impact our communities. Student volunteers cover a wide range of topics picked by them only. Teen Ventures launch takes our youth through a process-oriented journey, building soft skills to create, collaborate, implement, market, and lead. Our student volunteers are learning to solve the problems as they come to them, teaching them entrepreneurship skills.

Some topics currently being worked on in our first 2023 yearly issue with 100+ pages are Lifestyle, teen voting, college admissions, mental health, a new generation of leaders, peer pressure, teen immigration, movies and TV shows, and Zodiac signs, to name a few. We are due to launch on July 29th.



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  • Sponsorships: We are looking for businesses and individuals to sponsor the magazine. Please email us at contactus@empowerandhelp.com to get more details about sponsorship.
  • You can also make Donations to support the magazine through Tax-Deductible Donation through Paypal (empowerandhelp@gmail.com), Venmo (@EmpowerandHelp), Credit Card, or Corporate Match. Empower And Help Inc is verified on all major platforms.
  • Support the Kickstarter Campaign.
  • Create a fundraiser to support the magazine and build volunteer hours.

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