May 2018 – Anthony Hall

Growing up during the turbulent 60’s, our parents modeled for my sisters and I that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. They empowered us to reach for our dreams and use or gifts to serve humanity. Now I’m a grandfather and founder of a game and edtech application developer, who has been traveling the world collaborating with grassroots organizations to empower and help the world’s youth and scale impact.
EmpowerandHelp invited ‘Granda STORK’ (me) as a guest speaker and to play the REAAL Names literacy game our company is developing, with learners in attendance. EmpowerandHelp realizes the importance exposing children and adults to resources to help them become happy, confident and successful world citizens.
Giving back and a sense of service is also vital in one’s own personal and professional development. EmpowerandHelp’s programs includes compassionate service as a component. The ActivityHero grant will aid EmpowerandHelp to empower, help and impact more.