May 2018 – Javed Mostafa

My son went through a program organized by Aditi, which was 7 months long and had 15 separate sessions. It had as its primary aim teaching leadership and team-building skills. My son, AJ, himself was the primary participant in the program, although Aditi also engaged the parents in a couple of activities. I think what I saw as response from my son and his enthusiasm for the sessions are the best evidence I can provide regarding the value he drew from the sessions. He is a 13-year old and the fact that he was deeply engaged in the sessions and enjoyed them thoroughly let me know that what Aditi was doing had a great influence. I also saw a play my son and other participants in the sessions worked on together and presented at the end, drawing upon lessons they learned from all the sessions. The play was highly impressive and demonstrated that the whole group learned a lot.