The Empower and Help Ambassador program has helped me in so many ways. There are so many different things that you can be a part of, such as the social media team, newsletter team, article publication, remote mentorship, or even being a part of community drives. Each part of the program teaches you different life skills that you can use in the future.  All of the adult mentors are so inspiring, and I am truly grateful for all of their support. This program really introduces you to real-world problems and helps you learn more about them. Being a part of this program was a rewarding experience, and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to be a part of it!

Ambassador Program 2021 – Anjana

The ambassador program was a great opportunity for me.  Over the last 2 months, I got to improve my communication skills and learn to come out of my shell. The program also helped me host my own community drive and fundraiser. My favorite part of this program is being on the social media team and the newsletter team. These teams gave me a chance to work with a group and learn about days/events I’ve never heard of before. I thank Empower and Help for giving me this great opportunity.

Ambassador Program 2021 – Srideekshitha

Thank you so much for this incredible experience and opportunity. We have both learned and grown so much over the past few months while working with an encouraging team. We enjoyed being a part of this program, attended several activities, and were able to conduct projects and fundraisers while building individual interests. A huge thank you to Priti, Aditi, and all members of the program for the valuable lessons we have taken away this year.

We look forward to continuing next year as well.

Ambassador Program 2022 – Divya Raheja and Gayatri Raheja

Thank you, Empower And Help, for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this year’s amazing ambassador program. While different from last year, the program still allowed me to learn so much about making an impact. It was a great experience starting a fundraiser and using my art skills on the holiday cards for the new shop. The fundraiser presented some challenges that were hard to overcome, but with Mrs. Aditi’s help, Aananya and I managed to surpass our updated goal during the final week. Growing in knowledge and skills about solving real-world problems and taking action, I am ending this year’s program more than satisfied with the outcome of each project.

Ambassador Program 2022 – Veeksha Patlolla

I really enjoyed the Empower and Help Ambassador Program in 2021 and was looking forward to doing it again this year. Being isolated throughout the pandemic, I lost some social skills. This program helped me get through it. This year’s program was different than last year’s, but it was a new thing to try. I worked on two main projects this summer, holiday cards for the gift shop and a fundraiser. Although the holiday cards were easy, the fundraiser was a more significant challenge. I partnered with another ambassador Veeksha on the fundraiser. We worked on starting a scholarship fund for youths who cannot afford leadership and empowerment classes like this one. At first, it was hard to get donations from people, but we managed to get through it by taking an active approach – talking face to face with people instead of a passive approach –  sending messages via text or email. This was key for me in growing my social skills. This program once again helped me expand my knowledge of things I did not know about.

Ambassador Program 2022 – Ananya Bandaru

Thank you so much for this amazing opportunity. I learned so much throughout the whole ambassador program- how to collaborate, help others, manage my time wisely, and so much more! This was an experience that I will remember forever, and I am so thankful for everything I was able to do throughout the whole program. All of the projects we have done were very fun and exciting learning experiences. A special thank you to ⁨Priti⁩, Aditi Verma⁩, and ⁨Aishwarya Shashidhar⁩ for all your hard work and for making this program come to life! 

Have an amazing rest of the year!

Ambassador Program 2020 – Eesha, Student Ambassador

Hi Everyone, I enjoyed our last call today! Thank you, Priti, Gail, Aditi, Tasha, and Aishwarya for all of your hard work on this program! I really enjoyed being a part of this program and participating in so many new activities! I developed so many new skills and interests. I was able to conduct projects that I wouldn’t have done without the program. I also made so many good friends. Thank you (my student) for giving me a chance to work with you during excellent coding sessions and work. Wishing everyone a good rest of the school year and I look forward to coming back next year!

Ambassador Program 2020 – Neha, Student Ambassador

When I met Priti for the very first time I mentioned to her that I was really looking for an organization where my child can volunteer not just for “Volunteer hours” but truly understand and learn what is involved in volunteering, how selfless and dedicated one has to be in order to keep the momentum and keep going ….All of the mentors are truly amazing role models for the kids with these qualities….

My child has learned so much from all the different opportunities that were given to her. Thank you for all that you have done for the kids from the bottom of my heart !!!!

Best wishes to all the kids for a super successful school year !!

Ambassador Program 2020 – Jaya, Parent

Thanks to Priti, Aditi, Tasha, Gail, and Aishwarya for this whole program. Everyone has been so nice and accommodating. I have learned so much about social skills and time management through this program. I also had a great experience and learned a lot from the Remote Mentorship Program. Thanks to everyone for everything. Have a great year.

Ambassador Program 2020 – Sara, Student Ambassador

Growing up during the turbulent 60’s, our parents modeled for my sisters and I that ordinary people can do extraordinary things. They empowered us to reach for our dreams and use or gifts to serve humanity. Now I’m a grandfather and founder of a game and edtech application developer, who has been traveling the world collaborating with grassroots organizations to empower and help the world’s youth and scale impact.
EmpowerandHelp invited ‘Granda STORK’ (me) as a guest speaker and to play the REAAL Names literacy game our company is developing, with learners in attendance. EmpowerandHelp realizes the importance exposing children and adults to resources to help them become happy, confident and successful world citizens.
Giving back and a sense of service is also vital in one’s own personal and professional development. EmpowerandHelp’s programs includes compassionate service as a component. The ActivityHero grant will aid EmpowerandHelp to empower, help and impact more.

May 2018 – Anthony Hall, Guest Speaker

The emotional awareness workshop and other community service activities conducted at Sarva Dharma service center by these volunteers were extremely helpful in bringing the community together as well as helping Sarva Dharma service center be a platform to bring the local Community together and provide various service activities to the community. The members who initially attended the emotional awareness workshop were not aware that such a place existed providing community services. Some of these members started becoming members and active volunteers off sarva dharma service center. They come regularly for yoga classes, workshops, volunteering to prepare sandwiches and take home lunch bags for distribution to the poor neighborhoods of Lakewood and freehold area..

May 2018 – Mahesh Dontamsetty, Community Event Organizer

My son went through a program organized by Aditi, which was 7 months long and had 15 separate sessions. It had as its primary aim teaching leadership and team-building skills. My son, AJ, himself was the primary participant in the program, although Aditi also engaged the parents in a couple of activities. I think what I saw as response from my son and his enthusiasm for the sessions are the best evidence I can provide regarding the value he drew from the sessions. He is a 13-year old and the fact that he was deeply engaged in the sessions and enjoyed them thoroughly let me know that what Aditi was doing had a great influence. I also saw a play my son and other participants in the sessions worked on together and presented at the end, drawing upon lessons they learned from all the sessions. The play was highly impressive and demonstrated that the whole group learned a lot.

May 2018 – Javed Mostafa, Parent

I am so lucky to be able to send my child and also attend myself, Empower and Help Workshops. It has brought of clarity in my thinking and help me become aware of my feelings.I am slowly changing into the kind of person I always wanted to be.
As for my child he has learned to stand for himself and speak his mind.He puts others feelings ahead of his.He is growing into an young man I will be very proud of.This has surely something to do with his weekend sessions at Empower n Help with Aditi Verma.

May 2018 – Nikhat Khan, Parent

I took part in helping my daughter in making Cards to Syrian kind hearted people. I absolutely had a great and heart melting time in preparing cards. I salute the EmpowerandHelp team and I also wish and pray that the team gets what they wish for and also pray God to fulfill all that they need to extend their hands, so that every needy gets their hands in time. It was absolute pleasure working with Priti and would love to help her in future aswell.

May 2018 – Sowmya Naresh, Parent

My son attended a leadership camp at Empower and Help. Working with the owner, Aditi, was a pure pleasure! She is very friendly and easy to work with, and my son learned learned life skills (how to stand up to peer pressure) all while having fun:) The classes were well organized and Aditi took a personal interest in investing in each child. I appreciate the work this organization is doing for our community and would love to see them grow and be able to reach out to more individuals!

May 2018 – Pooja Chilukuri, Parent

It was a wonderful experience with Aditi. She is very motivating and supportive. She listens and connects. I loved her classes and My daughter enjoyed the kids classes and was sad to have missed couple of classes due to her volleyball matches on Saturdays. It’s in true sense an empowerment group.

May 2018 – Bhavna Sharma, Parent

Wow!! My husband and I are so grateful to have found you. Our girls are loving this camp and it’s really opening their minds to a new belief system. We had a great family discussion last night with the worksheet you provided. Brookelynn had a big ah ha moment when she realized the “bully” in her class isn’t really a bully. Thank you for all you do!

July 2017 – Serena, Parent

I highly recommend her classes! My daughter has been attending regular sessions and Summer camps with Aditi for 2 years now. She has been enjoying them and looks forward to attending them each week. Aditi’s sessions are not totally lecture based, she plans her sessions with activities and real life application themes. My daughter likes them because she is able to apply what she does and learns in class on a day to day basis. All the kids love her , because they consider her a friend and not a teacher. We can see my daughter’s confidence level slowly building up over time.. this was our main expectation from her classes. Aditi is passionate about what she does and we as parents have felt that from day .

May 2018 – Lavanya Chukkala, Parent

Wow!! My husband and I are so grateful to have found you. Our girls are loving this camp and it’s really opening their minds to a new belief system. We had a great family discussion last night with the worksheet you provided. Brookelynn had a big ah ha moment when she realized the “bully” in her class isn’t really a bully. Thank you for all you do!

July 2017 – Serena, Parent

I enjoyed the class. It has given me a better understanding of how everyone can feel differently around the same situation/events and that is ok. I feel that I can respect others and my feelings more.

2018 – Anjana, student, 10 years