The Gender Gap in STEM

Sahasra Nandela chose to write about “The Gender Gap in STEM” to raise awareness around this issue. In her words,

“Hello there! My name is Sahasra, and I love STEM. STEM is a field that is not just about wearing a lab coat or sitting at a desk coding all day. It’s about changing the world with innovative ideas and advancements, improving problem-solving strategies, and creating a better future for everyone. In the 21st century, it seems nonsensical that we still have to deal with the lack of representation of women in such a powerful field. Progress has occurred over the years, with more women graduating and learning STEM education, but it’s not comparable to the increase in men graduating and learning STEM education. Even if there is progress, we still have a long way to go if we want men and women treated as equals in The fi. It’s crucial to achieving equality for men and women in a field like STEM so women can participate in the evolution of innovation….”

You can find the link to this article in the pdf version here – The Gender Gap in STEM.


[By Sahasra Nadela, is Empower And Help Student Ambassador from North Carolina]


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