What is EmpowerAndHelp Global Awareness Challenge 2020 ?

Our humanitarian efforts started with helping Families from Syria. We remember some conversations with children and adults about that effort and to our astonishment, the look on those faces, questions we got made us think “They have no idea why these families need help ?”. And us talking about it going to phase out as they get back home.

 The second conversation happened about the homeless crisis that is happening within and outside the US, and we were taken by surprise when someone mentioned: “We don’t have homeless people here, where can I find them “. And these are just a couple of conversations that we had over the years and made us realize we need more awareness around these issues. We need to make our families, children more globally aware, empower them so they can empower others. We need to have our current generation step up, take charge and Do Something to fight the challenges that threaten the existence of humanity. Yes, we need to be smart academically, but why not also be empowered and become Global smart? Our world is interconnected with technology, Our economies are intertwined, Our resources are shared, Global issues like climate change is affecting everyone and not just one.

 There are so many issues that engulf Mother earth today – Climate Change, Wars, Inequality, poverty, conflicts, lack of opportunities, Hunger, Healthcare, Safety, Clean Water. Current generation and our future generations have a lot of reasons to focus on the understanding of why, what, how, when to get around these issues. Without Global awareness and empathy, our children will grow with differences in priorities leading our youth to terms of selfishness, lack of resources, lack of opportunities, depression, and self-centeredness.

 Global awareness challenge promotes an understanding of how various factors like Environmental changes, Social Changes, economical Changes impact us and the people around us. It demonstrates an understanding of the people around you, people who co-exist with you. This challenge gives you an understanding of beliefs, values, perceptions which we might not experience, or maybe different from ours. We need to develop a deep understanding of today’s global environment to achieve social, economic and Global success in an interconnected world of today. We all need to work together to create global citizens who are open to spread awareness and contribute towards a positive constructive solution

 The EmpowerAndHelp Global Awareness Challenge aims to make our children aware of global issues engulfing humanity and Mother Earth. This challenge will promote compassion, leadership, awareness, and creativity. It presents a unique opportunity to research, write, compile and present. The subject is “Highlighting a Global Crisis” and is open to all students in grades 6-12. The winners will be recognized with a certificate and a financial reward of $150 – $1000 for charitable use. This month’s long independent research motivates our youth to develop core skills on topics they are passionate about. It engages them on self- driven projects. The successful participation in the EmpowerAndHelp Global Challenge prepares them for distinctive future opportunities.

 Students will gain a unique opportunity by presenting their understanding of Global Challenges. They will present themselves as leaders, problem solvers, creators and thinkers as they will be researching, compiling, writing, presenting and delivering responses to queries within the challenge. Their work will provide unique and strong examples that the students are well-equipped to implement academic pursuits to solve a crisis. The contest also provides an incentive for a student to get out of his or her comfort zone, go that extra mile and exhibit skills which are so important as they further apply for colleges and join the workforce. Successful completion of this challenge will make students stronger candidates for colleges, internships, and jobs. All winners and finalists will be featured on our blog, website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube Channel. Their charitable use of the financial award and recognition further helps them to be recognized on a Global Platform.

 Let us participate in the EmpowerAndHelp Global Awareness Challenge. Challenge is for middle and high school children. Your child can also become a Global Awareness Ambassador to spread the passion, raising awareness and encouraging peers to participate in this challenge for the global good? Imagine the solutions from this challenge making a difference in this world. Now imagine that child as one of the ambassadors who made this possible. Imagine what would this do for their college portfolio, overall satisfaction and confidence in life! Our Ambassadors will be featured on the website for the work they are doing to make a positive impact on communities.

 You can email us at contactus@empowerandhelp.com if your child is ready to be a Global Ambassador. Check out our current Global Ambassadors . You can find more details for the challenge itself including Registration at Global challenge tab.



14 thoughts on “What is EmpowerAndHelp Global Awareness Challenge 2020 ?

  1. What a great idea as this Global Awareness Challenge that you started can help and do so much for a community. Thanks for the advice, and a great read. Good Luck!

  2. This is a great way to teach youngsters how to be leaders and how to gain skills that they can carry on throughout their life. Plus, I like that it’s inexpensive! Thanks for sharing!

  3. This sounds like a great competition, not only to raise awareness but also to teach about the climate change and what we can do to reduce our impact on the world.

  4. Such a great initiative. Thanks for your efforts and energy you are spending on bringing awareness to the young generation. We altogether are responsible for what happens in the world, and this project seems . to be a great way to make a world a better place to live in.

  5. Awesome challenge and I find it interesting. I will recommend it to my family and I’m sure they will be interested on it because it o be aware of climate change and a better world.

  6. This is a lovely challenge for school students, I wish lot of school kids participate in it. Will be sharing with my school also

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