Divya Raheja – Empower And Help Student Ambassador

After joining the Empower and Help Ambassador program in 2020 and returning in 2022, I think this program has helped me blossom into a much more responsible and reliable person. It allowed me to see new perspectives and to improve various skills such as teamwork, leadership, active listening, etc. The Empower And Help program made me meet incredible people who were hard-working, encouraging, and uplifting. As a junior in high school, it is essential to be organized and on top of everything. Junior Year can be stressful and overwhelming for many, but with this program’s excellent lessons and guidance, I could tackle assignments and responsibilities in the most efficient ways possible. I attended workshops focused on self-confidence, healthy habits, and opening up different perspectives. 

Previously, I was a part of the Remote Mentorship program, which focused on helping younger students who were a part of a refugee resettlement program. I connected and worked with my student through language, math, and several other lesson plans. As we progressed, it was gratifying to see their growth, and it taught me to be more attentive and diligent. I was also able to be more vocal about topics I am passionate about and wrote and published my first article on mental health and beauty standards. This year’s main project was a fundraiser called “Candles for a Cause.” My partner, Gayatri Raheja, and I worked together on this to support the Ukraine War Crisis. We made and sold homemade candles in several locations and were then able to use our proceeds toward supportive foundations. Throughout this process, we received much positive feedback and constructive criticism. This program helped me grow as a person and leader through eye-opening experiences and life lessons.