Gayatri Raheja – Empower And Help Student Ambassador

I believe that the Empower and Help Ambassador program has aided me in developing into a much more responsible and confident person. It helped me gain fresh insights and hone various abilities, including teamwork, leadership, and communication. Throughout the program, I was encouraged to make a difference by entirely using my thinking skills and creativity and acting upon my ideas locally. My primary undertaking this year was a charity event called “Candles for a Cause.” I collaborated on this project with my partner, Divya Raheja, to help with the Ukraine War Crisis. We created and sold homemade candles locally to support nonprofits supporting the Ukraine Crisis. This experience taught me that one doesn’t have to wait for a specific age to take action. I now have the confidence to carry through projects like these by myself.  Furthermore, I was a part of the Remote Mentorship Program, which taught students part of a refugee resettlement program. Creating lesson plans to help improve someone’s English, math, and science skills was not an easy task. However, guiding my student and modifying lesson plans to suit my student’s understanding became a more straightforward process. It felt gratifying to see improvements in my student’s skills. As a rising senior in high school, this program’s exceptional teachings and advice taught me to approach tasks most effectively. It helped me grow my confidence in communicating and completing tasks and becoming a leader by taking the initiative.

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